Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Words and Phrases...

as of late for Ava. She can now say her name. How very proud of that I am. She also says, "no, no Max" to Kylar's dog when he barks or jumps on her. Also if I am getting ready to leave she will say "I go bye-bye." And when she is pretend talking on the phone as she likes to do, she says "yeah, I know." She must hear me say that on the phone since I say that quite a bit. Now if she just starts saying the word "like". :) She also now can say the letter "A". We are currently working on the alphabet. I am very proud of her. When it is bed time I will ask her if she is ready to go to bed and to go get "baby" her doll. So she goes and gets baby, her blanket, and she goes to her bedroom door and says "Nite, Nite." Too freakin' cute. And another phrase she is starting to say is, "I Love You". She says it in a sing-song kind of way. Silly kid. She is just learning so quickly anymore. I am currently working with her learning her body parts like her nose, eyes, hair, lips, etc. She does know her hands and feet when I ask her though. :) One very proud Mommy! :)

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