Sunday, April 22, 2007

Silly Kid...

Ava sometimes just amazes me with the things she does. On Friday evening I had my niece Alyssa who is 30 months old and Ava who is 20 months old. Now Ava is taller than Alyssa even though Alyssa is 10 months older. It looks like Ava has her Daddy's height and Alyssa is taking after her Mommy (my SIL). So the girls were playing together and usually they will shove or push each other when they want something or the other is in their way. Well Ava has a Little Tykes play kitchen and Alyssa was standing at the sink of the kitchen and Ava was standing at the refridgerator. Ava decides she wants to stand at the sink, but being only 20 months old Ava is not able to convey to Alyssa she would like to stand there, so Ava decides that she will just MOVE Alyssa. So Ava gets behind Alyssa, wraps her arms around her, and then tries to pick her up and move her to the side. I was laughing so hard watching her do this. Of course she was not able to physically move Alyssa over to the other side but she did manage to get her off the ground just a bit. It was too funny. Silly kid. So now she has this thing where she knows she is bigger than Alyssa so she keeps trying to pick her up and move her out of the way.

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