Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Pictures...

Okay, so I haven't taken Ava to officially get a picture done in a portrait studio in quite awhile. But I thought at almost 2 1/2 years old it would be a piece of cake. Yeah right! Seriously, I think by the time this experience was over I was borderline having a migraine. This is so not an experience I want to have anytime soon again. First of all let me just say she looked absolutely adorable in her Christmas outfit. Sparkly silver shoes and all. But to get her to actually sit still or pose was virtually impossible. She wouldn't sit still for 10 seconds to simply say "cheese", let the photographer snap the picture and call it a day. Then this brilliant photographer (insert sarcasm here) tried setting Ava on her lap to get to know her??? This woman obviously does not know children that well because anyone who knows any two year old, knows you do not scoop up a child and put them on your lap. You have to let them get a feel for you on THEIR terms. Not the other way around. So, when this lady was holding onto Ava, Ava was flailing about and not having any of it. Trying to wrestle free of this woman's hold on her. So here I am thinking "oh great now I have a kid who is crying and freaking out and now her face is going to be all red and blotchy in the pictures". Great way to force me into buying the enhanced b&w pictures there lady! My sister went with us and after 2 minutes of this my sister is like "well I guess you are just going to have to realize you are not going to get any pictures of her". Oh no, I am here for pictures and we will get at least one or two pictures. I was determined, even if it cost my my sanity...which it darn near did. I did plan on doing an outfit change as well with her in her Illini cheerleader outfit, but after this experience I was willing to forgo that experience and hang onto what little sanity I had left. Had I opted to go for it, I think I might have been carted right out in a straight jacket.

Amazingly enough though we were able to manage a few shots that were actually pretty good. Not the pictures I had hoped for and had envisioned before this experience...but you know you just have to take what you can get sometimes. And it was an experience I actually paid for. $75 of 30 minutes of an experience I wouldn't want to live over again if someone was paying me the $75.

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