Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas...

We made it through Christmas without Ava being sick this year!!! And what a wonderful Christmas it was spending it with her and her actually being well this year. When you have a child, it just brings a special kind of magic to the holiday season. To see the wonder and amazement in their eyes and in their expressions it is a memory your heart will hold close forever. And it is moments like these that make being a parent so rewarding and quite honestly priceless. Okay, enough for now with the sappy Mommy moments. When Ava woke up on Christmas morning she woke up to a decorated Christmas tree, with many wrapped presents under the tree just for her. And of course in the Dora wrapping paper too. What would a christmas be without presents wrapped in one of her favorite cartoon characters! She neatly lined them up on the couch, only to be told she couldn't open them yet until her Daddy was there to see her open them. Imagine trying to keep an almost 2 1/2 year old from unwrapping her christmas presents! Next year I am not so sure I will be so lucky in getting her to wait for her Dad. Haha. So I did end up turning on the movie Polar Express which the girl absolutely loves. In fact, I think I've seen the movie like 10 times in the last 3 days! But it did keep her out of the presents (Thanks Tom Hanks for making such a great movie)! :)

Well finally Paul arrived and Ava was soon able to dig into her presents. And I have to say I am so proud of how well she did. It was the cutest thing ever. She would go over to the tree, take one present and then go sit in the middle of the living room floor and patiently open the present. And of course not leaving even a tiny piece of wrapping paper on any of the presents. She would then ooh and aah over each gift. Then she would go back to get another present under the tree, go back to her "spot" on the floor, same process of opening the next gift of leaving no paper on the gift, and ooh and aah again of that present. She did this with every gift. It was such a wonderful experience watching her and she was really enjoying each gift and not tearing into each gift and not really looking at them. So that was a proud Momma moment watching her have patience and care with each gift. We even had to tell her a couple times she could go and get another present under the tree. She seemed really happy with all of her Christmas gifts. It is really hard to even say which one is her favorite because she likes all of them. Though I do have to say I was quite surprised with her Baby Alive dolls she got. As soon as she opened that present she wanted them out of the box. Paul took the girl doll out first and Ava quickly went to work at undressing her and undoing her diaper and taking it off. Then, Paul got the boy doll out, which Ava quickly took from him and began undressing him. As she is taking off his diaper I see this "boy" baby doll has a penis! Yes an anatomically correct baby doll. Ava's expression was classic and mine was as well. In fact I am on video laughing at this boy doll. I was pretty shocked to say the least. Which Paul managed to catch my words on video. Not that I am opposed to her having anatomically correct dolls or anything, it just caught me off guard. Toys now days! I tell ya! I couldn't wait to show it to my brother and sister when they came over for Christmas dinner! Haha We so were not acting like adults about this new baby doll that Ava has, that is for sure! This will definitely be a Christmas memory I will always remember!

Christmas dinner went well too. I made most of the food and had Christmas at my house this year. I had my Mom and Step-Dad, my Dad and Step-Mom, my brother, his wife, my nephews Austin and Jordan, my niece Alyssa, my sister, and my newest niece Olivia. My nephew Kylar spent Christmas with his Dad and his family. And my oldest brother had to work Christmas day. Dinner was great and everyone loved all the food. We had quite a lot of food too. And once everyone left there was quite a big mess to clean up too. One of those kind of messes where you think "man why did I agree to have dinner here!" I told my sister and brother that Easter and Thanksgiving are on them this coming year! :) All in all though it was a wonderful holiday and we have been very blessed this year. We hope you had as wonderful of a Christmas holiday as we did. May 2008 bring you and your families many blessings and much deserved happiness throughout the coming year. Happy Holidays!

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