Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Updated blog...

I finally got around to updating my picture a day blog today. I was several days behind. Not on the taking of pictures, but of actually uploading them and adding them to the blog. So I took some time this afternoon and finally updated that. :)

Nap Time and Bed Time...

Okay so Ava has been so good at going to bed or down for a nap I would say 97% of the time. But the last like month has just been horrible. She gets up more times than I care to keep track of and it takes forever for her to go to sleep. I've even tried letting her stay up later thinking maybe she just wasn't tired yet, but no it is still a battle every night. At nap time I find her in her bed but playing with a mound of toys and she keeps getting up to get something new to her already overflowing pile. I have never made a game of bedtime or nap time so I don't know if she is testing me or what...but she is definitely testing me. :(

Friday, January 25, 2008

100 More Random Thoughts...

1. In college I hated my Philosophy class.
2. Actually I just didn't like the professor...I do like philosophy.
3. I've never been to any state on the west coast.
4. I would like to visit California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and New Mexico one of these days.
5. And Las Vegas too while I am at it.
6. I love road trips.
7. The first time I ever went to Chicago I was 24 and I have lived in IL my entire life. Sad I know.
8. The Amtrak is the best way to go to Chicago and not have to mess with traffic or parking.
9. I think Iceland would be an awesome place to vacation.
10. I think I need a vacation. :)
11. I can't stand the word "Biggie". It annoys me when people say "it's no biggie".
12. Ava can count to 10 in Spanish. Thanks to Dora the Explorer.
13. I am surprised I am actually "blogging" on a more regular basis. Amazing really.
14. I buy off eBay all the time.
15. I should probably sell more on eBay to make up for me spending money on there.
16. I buy most of my books off or eBay.
17. I just finished reading "The Vagina Monologues" be Eve Ensler. Very interesting book.
18. I am also reading right now "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.
19. So far I am really liking this book.
20. I like playing poker.
21. I am actually really good too.
22. I don't like spiders or ants. They are both very creepy.
23. I like to "people" watch.
24. There are some really strange people in this world.
25. Fanny packs are one of the dumbest inventions ever.
26. It is bad enough when women wear fanny packs, but men should NEVER wear a fanny pack.
27. Men should never don a speedo either. That is just a No-No!
28. I am never caught up on my e-mail.
29. My favorite book as a little kid was "There's a Monster at the End of This Book" (a sesame street book).
30. My favorite childhood book was "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White.
31. I think the color fuchsia is ugly.
32. I do not write in books (or highlight or underline text in books).
33. It is a pet peeve of mine when people write in books or "dog-ear" the pages in a book.
34. I used to sit next to a girl in one of my college classes and she would write and highlight all over her book. It drove me crazy...well not literally.
35. I start planning in my daughters birthday months and months before the event.
36. I love having a daughter.
37. I love shopping for clothes for my daughter.
38. My favorite flowers are carnations, daisies, and tulips.
39. I think roses are beautiful, but I am not a fan of rose scented things.
40. I want to go see the play "Wicked" in Chicago.
41. I loved the movie "Phantom of the Opera".
42. I would love even more to actually see the "Phantom of the Opera" performed on stage.
43. The best ice cream ever is lemon.
44. There is a local fast food restaurant here that serves lemon ice cream. Yum! :)
45. My favorite board games are scrabble, monopoly, and upwords
45. My favorite card games are war, uno, and rummy.
46. I like trivia games.
47. My Dad loved to draw. I am not so good at it. Believe me!
48. Ava's Dad is an artist. He is awesome at what he does.
49. He thinks he can teach me to be good at drawing. I think he might be wrong about that.
50. I think frogs are creepy.
51. And snakes, and newts oh and lizards too.
52. I love the smell of rain on a warm summer night.
53. I love sitting out in the rain on a warm summer night.
54. I am not very good at badminton.
55. But I am really good at volleyball.
56. I went to the riverboat with my friend Aaron once and lost $30.
57. I played bingo once and won over $4,000.
58. I think I should stick to playing Bingo. LOL
59. The first scratch off lottery ticket I ever played I won $50 on.
60. When I was a kid I used to "shake change" with my Grandpa. You would both put in the same amount of change and then pick either heads or tails. Shake up the change in your hand and then whatever way the money falls you keep what you called.
61. I almost always won fair and square, however once I lost when I was about 9 and I tried not to cry...but I did.
62. My Grandma made my Grandpa give me back my money plus his change too. I don't think he really minded. :)
63. Growing up I wanted to live with my Grandma and Grandpa because I loved being around them.
64. I think they would have let me...but my Mom I think liked me too much and wanted to keep me for herself.
65. My Mom was recently diagnosed with the middle stages of Alzheimer's.
66. My Mom is only 52 years old.
67. It makes me incredibly sad to know my Mom has Alzheimer's.
68. I remember my Great-Grandma having Alzheimer's but she didn't get it until much later in her life.
69. I was raised Southern Baptist.
70. Now I just classify myself as a Christian.
71. Growing up I had to go to church every Sunday morning and every Sunday night and then on Wednesday night. And any other time the Church doors were open.
72. I don't feel like you have to go to Church to spend time with God.
73. I think it is sad when people don't have any kind of belief system at all.
74. I truly believe that all things in life happen for a reason, even if at the time we do not understand why it is happening or had to happen.
75. I hope to raise my daughter with the values of respect, dignity, honesty, love, integrity, and faith.
76. I also hope to raise my daughter to see people for who they are on the inside and not based on their skin color, sexual preference, or religious beliefs.
77. I don't watch a lot of TV.
78. I have a few shows I enjoy watching, but if it was up to me my TV would be on maybe 5 hours a week.
79. I could probably live without TV.
80. However I am not so sure I could live without my computer.
81. Okay well I could, but I don't think I would like it. :)
82. I am horrible at archery.
83. There are some things in life that just should not be made fun of or joked about.
84. My favorite brand of tennis shoes are Nike.
85. I cannot imagine life without my daughter.
86. My daughter looks like me but acts just like my sister.
87. I know almost every word off the Elmo Potty Time DVD...thanks Ava.
88. My favorite cartoons as a kid were Scooby-Doo, The Smurfs, The Get-Along-Gang, and The Jetsons.
89. I still remember the theme songs to Scobby Doo, The Jetsons, and The Flintstones.
90. Every year for Christmas my little brother would give me a "RIF" book he got for free from school.
91. I've always loved holidays, but I look forward to them even more now that I have a child.
92. I thought the Packers would beat the Giants in the playoffs...
93. Obviously they did not beat them.
94. So now I am cheering for the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
95. Most of the time my cell phone is set to vibrate or off...therefore I miss a lot of calls.
96. I think it is very important to vote.
97. People who do not vote shouldn't complain with how the country is being ran.
98. I think it is ridiculous when a person who is an "American" citizen cannot even tell you who the President of the United States is.
99. For some reason the song 99 bottles of beer on the in my head. Sing it with me...99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...take one down, pass it around...98 bottles of beer on the wall. :)
100. 98 bottles of beer on the wall....98 bottles of beer...take one down, pass it around...97 bottles of beer on the wall. Is the song stuck in your head yet???

Funny kid....

I sometimes think (okay often times) I have the funniest 2 year old ever. She is a riot. She just came running into my computer room in her Disney Princess night gown, a skimpy little dress-up top, her Dora crocs, and her Dora baseball hat on backwards. She is like the perfect mix of feminine tomboy. LOL And she was laughing because she knows just how silly she really is! That girl already knows just how to make me laugh! Man I love her!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Blues...

Feeling kind of like rhyming. Okay really I am just sick of these cold winter days! Give me spring like weather!!!!

Winter Blues

I've got the winter blues
How about you?
Stuck inside with nothing to do
Hoping I don't get the flu
Watching from my window the snow fall outside
Looking over at my indoor plant about to die
Wishing there was enough snow to go out and sled
But since there is not, I crawl deep into my bed
Pulling the covers up over my head

Sunday, January 20, 2008

100 Random Thoughts

I got the idea to do this from an online friend after reading 100 Random Thoughts about her. So here is my list.

100 Random Thoughts

1. I hate winter. Might be because it is like 3 degrees outside right now.
2. I loved winter when I was a kid.
3. We used to have a lot of fun sledding and making snow forts when I was a kid.
4. Summer is my all time favorite season.
5. I can’t wait to set the clocks forward in March.
6. I hate that it is dark so early in the winter!
7. I might like winter just a bit more if it wasn’t dark at 5 p.m.
8. I used to have blonde hair when I was a kid.
9. Now it is brown.
10. I think I liked being blonde better.
11. I found my first “white” hair this past week! Yuck!
12. If I was still blonde I might not have found that white hair! Bleh.
13. I have a scar on my right knee that I’ve had since I was like 4.
14. I have a few scars from childhood and I remember how I got all of them too.
15. When I was about 5, my brother, my sister, and I decided that we would have a “garage sale,” and sell all our toys to make money to buy new toys. So we lugged out all our stuff into the yard.
16. We didn’t sell anything. Maybe it would have helped if we had made signs and actually lived on a busy street.
17. The garage sale was my sister’s idea. That is the last time I listened to her.
18. I have moved 20 times in my life.
19. I really do not like all that packing and moving stuff!
20. I should have went to college and finished when my Dad was willing to pay for it.
21. Math is my absolutely least favorite subject.
22. I love history and political science.
23. When I was in high school I hated giving speeches.
24. When I was in college I took a speech class and I actually liked it.
25. I donated blood my senior year at our blood drive so I could get out of 19 detentions for skipping class.
26. The two classes I skipped the most in high school were Algebra and Psychology. I was bored out of my mind in both of those classes.
27. I would love to go to Italy someday on vacation.
28. I am ½ Italian and ½ German.
29. I am a really good cook.
30. I have a two and a half year old daughter.
31. She really isn’t that picky of an eater for being 2.
32. I have a strong dislike for green beans. But my daughter loves them so I make them for her.
33. My favorite vegetable is cucumbers.
34. I love ranch dressing/dip for my salads and veggies.
35. I make my own ranch dressing/dip usually.
36. I do not like seafood. Yuck!
37. My Mom made me eat fish sticks when I was a kid and the smell and taste was just awful.
38. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 19.
39. I still get really bad sore throats.

40. My first job was at McDonald’s.
41. My Dad said I could only work if I kept my grades up.
42. I made A’s and B’s in high school.
43. I never studied for anything.
44. If I would have applied myself even just a little, I could have made straight A’s.
45. I became a Mom one day before I turned 28.
46. My sister had a baby just recently and having a new baby in the family does not make me want to have another one of my own.
47. I used to think I would have 3 or 4 kids of my own.
48. I think I like only having one child though.
49. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.
50. My sister and I are 13 month and 10 days apart.
51. I couldn’t stand my little brother growing up.
52. He isn’t so bad now. ;)
53. I met my biological Dad for the first time (that I remember him) when I was 9 years old.
54. He has 2 children from his first marriage that I’ve never met before.
55. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere on the East Coast.
56. I love photography.
57. I am working on getting my degree in photography.
58. I think I am pretty good overall for an amateur.
59. I love watching football.
60. My favorite pro teams are the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.
61. My favorite college team is the Illini (Illinois).
62. I own way to many CD’s.
63. I own way to many movies on VHS and DVD.
64. I am horrible at renting a movie and taking it back on time. I always rack up late fees so it is just cheaper for me to buy the movie and watch it when I want.
65. My favorite color is green.
66. I love candles.
67. I own way too many candles. Is that even possible to own too many candles???
68. I could listen to music all day long.
69. Well except if it is my alarm going off, and then I am annoyed with music.
70. I have been scrapbooking since 1998.
71. I buy way more scrapbook stuff than I will every possibly use.
72. I love pens.
73. I love going to Chicago.
74. I don’t like coffee.
75. I do like Starbucks hot chocolate though.
76. The Broccoli Cheddar soup from Panera Bread is delicious.
77. I wish we had a Barnes & Noble where I lived.
78. The closet one is about 40 minutes away. :(
79. Potty training a 2 year old is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
80. My favorite CD right now is the Alicia Keys one that just came out recently.
81. I like the cartoon Lazy Town.
82. Dora the Explorer is pretty annoying.
83. However it has taught Ava to count in Spanish.
84. I’ve taught Ava how to count to 17 though in English. LOL
85. I got glasses for the first time when I was 24.
86. I don’t wear them as often as I should.
87. I am going to try to “blog” on a more regular basis.
88. I think I said that last year too.
89. We will see how long that lasts. :)
90. I hope I am ½ the Mom that my Mom has been.
91. Because if I am, then Ava will have a really good Mom.
92. I am not a huge fan of talking on the phone.
93. If you get my voicemail or answering machine it’s not that I am screening my calls, it is more than likely that I just don’t feel like talking at that time.
94. People that smoke in cars with the windows rolled up and children in the car annoy the heck out of me.
95. “The Diary of Anne Frank” is an amazing book.
96. So is “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
97. My Mom remarried when I was 2 years old and he adopted me and my sister.
98. I used to do a lot of “creative” writing when I was a kid.
99. I wrote a 135 page (typed) book when I was 11.
100. Now I just mostly write poetry and short stories.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's official....I am old...

I found my first "white" hair yesterday! Yes, it is true! I am 30 and now I officially feel old having had this moment of discovery. How depressing. I, of course searched to see if there were anymore, and thankfully I did not find anymore. And the one that I did find, I quickly removed from my head. But man that makes me feel old. Of course, I know a lot of my friends and family who found their first "one" a lot earlier than I have, but still this is me I am talking about with my first white hair...and that thing was white. No mistaking it for a blonde hair at all. You should have seen me putting it up to anything that was even remotely dark in color, to make sure that yes indeed, it was white and not blonde. I am supposed to remain ageless. LOL Or so I would like to think! Time to get my hair colored and highlighted here really soon. :(~

Friday, January 11, 2008

What a week it has been...

Quite literally it has been a stressful, emotional, and intense say the least. On Friday afternoon, I went to the doctor with my Mom (to her neurologist) and though a month ago we found out she had Alzheimer's we found out more information at this visit. She is in the middle stages of the disease right now he feels in regards to the results from all the testing she has undergone. She has been getting sick now for over a month and so he cannot start the meds for her memory until they figure out what is going on with her gallbladder, because the main side effect from the medicine for her memory is nausea/vomiting. So once the gall bladder is out then we can start those meds hopefully. On Friday evening I find out that Paul's Mom passed away late Friday afternoon. It was actually quite unexpected for it to happen as quickly as it did, but at least she did not suffer anymore. I made the trip back to Pennsylvania with Paul and while there found out his Mom had terminal cancer that quite literally spread like wild fire. We arrived in PA Sunday night. His Mom's funeral was on Tuesday. Then we were planning on leaving Saturday from PA, but on Thursday early evening we got a call from my sister that my Mom was not doing very good. So on top of the Alzheimer's diagnosis and the upcoming surgery for her gall bladder, my Mom went to a kidney specialist Thursday and found out that only 25% of her kidney's are working (that is a total of 25% for both kidney's together). And until they decide on what to do for the kidney's the gall bladder operation is being put on hold. And along with everything else she is retaining fluids that are toxic now too. My family is just shook up about all this. So we made the decision to head back to IL and drive through the overnight so that I could get home to my Mom, Ava and the rest of my family. We arrived home this morning at about 9:30 a.m. I am waiting to hear some more information on my Mom and what is going on with that. Once I got home I just wanted to sleep for a bit with being on the road all night. I managed to get a couple hours though, but my mind is just not shutting off about everything with my Mom. Things right now according to her doctors though are just not looking very good. Right now it doesn't seem like 2008 is starting off very well. But hoping it starts to look up very soon. Trying to be as optimistic as possible because I know God's will shall be done.


I am home! Just got in about an hour and a half ago and boy am I glad to be home. We ended up driving through the overnight (which I will update later on). But for now, I am going to go and get a little bit of sleep. What a stressful and emotional week it has been to say the least.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolution...

I am really not a fan of the whole idea of New Year's Resolutions, because honestly most of them do not get kept or you make such an unattainable goal, that your resolutions become unrealistic from the get go. Many people have the usual resolutions of getting in shape, losing weight, eating more healthy, stop smoking, drink less, be a better more hands on parent, go back to school, look for another job, yada, yada, yada...but why do we feel like we need to wipe our slate clean on January 1st? Why is that the "magical" date? Why is it when we want to make a change we think well I'll do it at the first of the year. Why can't April 7th or September 21st or December 15th be the "magical" date...instead, we do the well we will start over at the first of the year. I mean come on, the time to make a change is when you are ready and you know for some that "magical" day may be January 1st, but for most it isn't. Any day of the year can be that magical, slate wiped clean, lets start over date. So if your day does not happen to be January 1st or even in January at all then so be it. Make those life changes when you are ready to make them. So why am I even writing about New Year's resolutions then? Because if you choose to not make any this year, it doesn't make you a bad person, or less of a person because you didn't make any. That is all. :)