Friday, January 11, 2008

What a week it has been...

Quite literally it has been a stressful, emotional, and intense say the least. On Friday afternoon, I went to the doctor with my Mom (to her neurologist) and though a month ago we found out she had Alzheimer's we found out more information at this visit. She is in the middle stages of the disease right now he feels in regards to the results from all the testing she has undergone. She has been getting sick now for over a month and so he cannot start the meds for her memory until they figure out what is going on with her gallbladder, because the main side effect from the medicine for her memory is nausea/vomiting. So once the gall bladder is out then we can start those meds hopefully. On Friday evening I find out that Paul's Mom passed away late Friday afternoon. It was actually quite unexpected for it to happen as quickly as it did, but at least she did not suffer anymore. I made the trip back to Pennsylvania with Paul and while there found out his Mom had terminal cancer that quite literally spread like wild fire. We arrived in PA Sunday night. His Mom's funeral was on Tuesday. Then we were planning on leaving Saturday from PA, but on Thursday early evening we got a call from my sister that my Mom was not doing very good. So on top of the Alzheimer's diagnosis and the upcoming surgery for her gall bladder, my Mom went to a kidney specialist Thursday and found out that only 25% of her kidney's are working (that is a total of 25% for both kidney's together). And until they decide on what to do for the kidney's the gall bladder operation is being put on hold. And along with everything else she is retaining fluids that are toxic now too. My family is just shook up about all this. So we made the decision to head back to IL and drive through the overnight so that I could get home to my Mom, Ava and the rest of my family. We arrived home this morning at about 9:30 a.m. I am waiting to hear some more information on my Mom and what is going on with that. Once I got home I just wanted to sleep for a bit with being on the road all night. I managed to get a couple hours though, but my mind is just not shutting off about everything with my Mom. Things right now according to her doctors though are just not looking very good. Right now it doesn't seem like 2008 is starting off very well. But hoping it starts to look up very soon. Trying to be as optimistic as possible because I know God's will shall be done.

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