Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, tonight I had my niece and nephew, ages 2 months old (niece) and almost 10 years old. Along with my 2 1/2 year old. Normally, not that big of a deal, but my sister had to take Olivia to get her first set of shots today. And lets just say she has been quite fussy all night. Ava has been on some kind of mission to be as trying today as she possibly could. And tons of jumping, screaming, laughing, shrieking at the loudest pitch possible, you name it she was doing it. Well unless you mention being quiet and well-behaved. That just was not on her agenda today. Then my nephew Kylar...who is almost 10 here in a couple weeks. One would think he would have been the best behaved out of the three. No such luck. He was in rare form tonight as well. Was there a full moon tonight? Or dare I even ask.

Okay and seriously I thought you didn't get the "Oh my gosh you are so dumb" sigh and looks from them until the teenage years. Am I wrong about that? He is only going to be 10 here in like 2 weeks and already this phase has kicked in. I mean seriously I would have been knocked out if I looked or said half the stuff to my Mom or my Aunts that he will say to me. At 30 years old I wouldn't think to talk or act like that towards my Mom or Aunts. And of course he just thrived on egging Ava on even more with her extreme behavior. Time out was definitely no help in this house tonight, even though Ava was put in time out several times. She would come out of time out and be good for a little bit, then next thing you know she was being lured into the off the wall behavior again by Kylar. How does one even make dinner in all this chaos? Seriously, if I was a Mom of three I think take out would be on our nightly menu. Okay, so not really since well it isn't all that healthy, and amazingly enough I did manage to throw together dinner tonight and we all managed to even sit down and eat together. Even if it was at 7 p.m. when we finally got to sit down and eat. That was even probably the most quiet it was in this house all evening. Then after dinner it is bath time. Oh let me tell you, that was another exciting event. I think I would rather have a root canal done then to relive this evening again. Ava thought she would help me get a jump start on mopping the bathroom floor (which was just done on Monday I might add), when she proceeded to dump several cups of water onto the floor while I was distracted for a moment by Olivia and asked Kylar to keep an eye on her. I guess he thought having her dump water all over the floor was not only beneficial to my floor, but funny as well. Ava is normally in bed by 8:30, but tonight amid all the chaos and having no schedule whatsoever, I managed to get her to bed at 9:30 after putting her to bed at least 6 times. So now my house is finally feeling somewhat normal and quiet.

My hat is off to any parent who has more than one child, and especially those parents who have three or more children. I think if I had more than what I do, I would seriously pass out in the hallway every night after the kids went to bed. Why the hallway you ask? I would be too tired to drag my butt to my bed. Hell, my new bed would probably be crawling in next to the last one I said goodnight too. :)

Here is to hoping Ava worked out what had her going full speed ahead times four today and that tomorrow is a much more calm day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day...yada, yada, yada...

If you are going to love me and "be mine", I don't need a "special" day reserved just for this. Show me throughout the year, because honestly I don't want just one day damn it . :) And it means a lot more if you do some random day in the middle of July than it does on February 14th, when you are basically told to say I love you with cards, flowers, candy, and God only knows what else.

Does one really need a day designated once a year for this kind of stuff? I would rather it be completely random, unrehearsed, and unplanned. Now ladies (because you know it is the ladies that do this) if by some chance the one you love forgets that it is Valentine's Day (which I don't know who could with all the commercialism that surrounds it...but hey there are some dense people in this world), then forgive them if they treat you pretty damn good throughout the rest of the year. And if at random times, without prompting or without reason they make you feel like the most adored person in the world, then you have to admit to yourself you are pretty lucky to have that person in your life! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wide Awake...

I wish I could be asleep right now. Ava woke up having a night terror at about 2 a.m., and it took me quite awhile to get her to calm down and go back to a restful sleep. The one tonight, was actually a pretty bad one, because it took me just at an hour to calm her down. I am not sure what is going on with her lately, but she has been having night terrors more frequently the last few weeks. It breaks my heart when she has these, because there is really nothing I can do to prevent them or to calm her down immediately. So, I lay with her and hold her close and try to be as comforting as possible for her. I wish I knew what was causing them lately, and if it is something I could prevent, I most certainly would. It is such a helpless place to be in as a parent, to not be able to bring immediate comfort and security to your child. :(

Sunday, February 10, 2008


My new word...blogetry. Also know as blog poetry. Yes I am super bored right now. See the things a sleep deprived person comes up with. "blogetry". :) Oh Lord removeth the computer from thine hands....LOL
Written out of sheer boredom and just felt like rhyming to pass the time. Oh how exciting my life is. LOL Oh and I don't really like egg nog or live near a cherry bog. But it is true, I don't have a dog or a frog. ;)

by Mandi M.

Why you may ask do I blog
Because I don't have a frog
Or even a small dog
I like to blog
Sitting in the fog
Not far from a cherry bog
And when I blog
I sit perched on a log
Sipping a glass of egg nog

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weird Weather...

The weather here in Central Illinois is anything but normal anymore. We had thunderstorms, tornado warnings and watches at the beginning of January. Then we had temperatures that were bitterly cold, then warm, then cold. Come on make up your mind already. Then, Friday we were hit with a snowstorm. A little over 10 inches of snow is what was measured around here. Not by me of course. :) Nothing too major but still we had snow and cold weather none the less. Then, yesterday (Sunday) it started raining, hailing, sleeting, thundering, and lightning all within the same hour. Not to mention we still had that 10 inches of snow. So, today was extremely foggy all day long. Woke up to intense fog...ended the day with intense fog. The fog did not lift and the temperatures got into the 60's...and as I sit here writing this at a little past midnight, it is still 60 degrees outside. Now, our weather has moved back to a thunderstorm, lightning and a ton of rain. The thunder is those window shaking kind of booming thunder and here I have a 2 year old who is sleeping right through this (thankfully). Here is hoping that all this rain does not cause flooding, because we still have snow on the ground. Weird Illinois weather!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday Baby!

Woo Hoo! I am excited. I love the Super Bowl, if you can't tell. Granted the teams I would have liked to see in it again this year (Chicago Bears or Green Bay) are not there, but none the less I am still going to watch. :) And even though I could personally careless who wins the game, since my Bears and Packers are not there, I will be cheering for New England over the Giants. And this is simply because the Giants beat out the Packers in the playoffs. And honestly I would like to see New England go undefeated this season. I mean if you are going to take it, take it all the way! Time to make Super Bowl history boys! :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Days

Well yesterday afternoon and then through the overnight, it snowed here in Central Illinois. We ended up with over 10 inches of snow. And Ava couldn't be more happy about that. Last night, she stood on the couch and stared out the window at the snow falling for the longest time. So, today I bundled her up in layers and we ventured outside after her nap . It was so funny watching her attempt to make her way through the snow. She would maybe get a couple steps and then fall because to her, the snow was really high. She attempted to play on her swing set, but everything on there was covered with snow. She did manage to get on the glider swing and swing a bit on that. But really, I think she was more interested in just "walking" through the snow, and making tracks in every part of untouched snow as she possibly could. Of course, when I told her it was time to call it a day and we needed to head back inside, it was like I was asking her to give up her favorite doll. Even the promises of letting her play in the snow tomorrow, were not enough to calm the tears that flowed. Though, once we got inside I was able to calm the cries with a that made her happy. Even though there were tears at the end of the day, I know they were because she was having so much fun, she didn't want it the day to end.

I absolutely love watching her play out in the snow. To watch a child enjoy such simple pleasures, add so much perspective to my life. It is the simple pleasures in life that are to be enjoyed. I think as adults we often times forget that lesson we learned as a child. It is sad really. If as parents or even as adults, we would actually stop and just observe children and how the embrace life, I think this world would be a much more fun, relaxed, and wholesome place to live. And today I was reminded of this lesson I learned so long ago, as I watched my daughter having the time of her life out in the snow.