Sunday, February 10, 2008


My new word...blogetry. Also know as blog poetry. Yes I am super bored right now. See the things a sleep deprived person comes up with. "blogetry". :) Oh Lord removeth the computer from thine hands....LOL
Written out of sheer boredom and just felt like rhyming to pass the time. Oh how exciting my life is. LOL Oh and I don't really like egg nog or live near a cherry bog. But it is true, I don't have a dog or a frog. ;)

by Mandi M.

Why you may ask do I blog
Because I don't have a frog
Or even a small dog
I like to blog
Sitting in the fog
Not far from a cherry bog
And when I blog
I sit perched on a log
Sipping a glass of egg nog

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