Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Days

Well yesterday afternoon and then through the overnight, it snowed here in Central Illinois. We ended up with over 10 inches of snow. And Ava couldn't be more happy about that. Last night, she stood on the couch and stared out the window at the snow falling for the longest time. So, today I bundled her up in layers and we ventured outside after her nap . It was so funny watching her attempt to make her way through the snow. She would maybe get a couple steps and then fall because to her, the snow was really high. She attempted to play on her swing set, but everything on there was covered with snow. She did manage to get on the glider swing and swing a bit on that. But really, I think she was more interested in just "walking" through the snow, and making tracks in every part of untouched snow as she possibly could. Of course, when I told her it was time to call it a day and we needed to head back inside, it was like I was asking her to give up her favorite doll. Even the promises of letting her play in the snow tomorrow, were not enough to calm the tears that flowed. Though, once we got inside I was able to calm the cries with a that made her happy. Even though there were tears at the end of the day, I know they were because she was having so much fun, she didn't want it the day to end.

I absolutely love watching her play out in the snow. To watch a child enjoy such simple pleasures, add so much perspective to my life. It is the simple pleasures in life that are to be enjoyed. I think as adults we often times forget that lesson we learned as a child. It is sad really. If as parents or even as adults, we would actually stop and just observe children and how the embrace life, I think this world would be a much more fun, relaxed, and wholesome place to live. And today I was reminded of this lesson I learned so long ago, as I watched my daughter having the time of her life out in the snow.

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