Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weird Weather...

The weather here in Central Illinois is anything but normal anymore. We had thunderstorms, tornado warnings and watches at the beginning of January. Then we had temperatures that were bitterly cold, then warm, then cold. Come on make up your mind already. Then, Friday we were hit with a snowstorm. A little over 10 inches of snow is what was measured around here. Not by me of course. :) Nothing too major but still we had snow and cold weather none the less. Then, yesterday (Sunday) it started raining, hailing, sleeting, thundering, and lightning all within the same hour. Not to mention we still had that 10 inches of snow. So, today was extremely foggy all day long. Woke up to intense fog...ended the day with intense fog. The fog did not lift and the temperatures got into the 60's...and as I sit here writing this at a little past midnight, it is still 60 degrees outside. Now, our weather has moved back to a thunderstorm, lightning and a ton of rain. The thunder is those window shaking kind of booming thunder and here I have a 2 year old who is sleeping right through this (thankfully). Here is hoping that all this rain does not cause flooding, because we still have snow on the ground. Weird Illinois weather!

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  1. You guys have had a little of everything! We had a huge snow storm yesterday so the kids are enjoying a snow day!