Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs...

So yesterday Ava and I colored Easter eggs...well for Easter! Duh! :) And it was such a blast. She had fun. I had fun. We both just had a lot of fun! I loved coloring Easter eggs with her. Last year was fun when she was one and a half...but this year was SO much fun. Like 10,000 times better because she just completely enjoyed it. It was so fun watching her be so into the whole process. And her expressions and comments were just priceless when she would put in an egg that was white, and then the next thing you know, it was purple or green. She was so funny too, because if she would drip any dye on the table she would immediately wipe it up. She is so my kid. Haha She had just so much fun coloring the eggs. For awhile she even waited pretty patiently for a 2 1/2 year old for the eggs to be dyed. But then of course as typical of a toddler she got tired of using the waiting and of course using the spoon and just stuck her whole hand in the dye to get the egg, which of course turned her hand green. The color reminded me of the skin color of the "wicked witch" in the Wizard of Oz movies. When she pulled her hand out and noticed that it was green she had this look of "what in the world just happened to my hand" look on her face. It was so funny and I couldn't help but laugh, so of course she thought it was funny to dye her hand green and she stuck it back in the glass with the dye mix. She of course got a bath afterwards and thankfully the green dye came off of her hands. These kind of moments really make it so much fun during the holidays and to have a toddler just makes such amazing memories (who would have known!!! LOL). It really just breathes a new kind of life into just about everything. I absolutely love having a toddler!

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