Monday, April 21, 2008

Ava's 1st Trip To The Zoo...

A Trip To The Zoo....
And she had such a great time. She loved the whole experience. It was actually a very last minute decision on my part to go, but it was really nice out today and I had a little over an hour to just waste before having to go pick up my nephew and my cousins two kids from school. Of course, had I really known just how much Ava would love the zoo, we would have headed to the zoo much earlier and enjoyed it much longer. There were some parts we didn't even get to see because we just didn't have time. I am definitely going to invest in the family pass for us though, since it is good for an entire year and we can go as much as we want over the summer and early fall. :) Below are more pictures of Ava's adventure at the zoo. We didn't have time to ride the train this time, but we definitely will the next time we come! :)

Ava with her backpack full of stuffed animals...whatever would have made me doubt her liking the zoo! Do I even know my own kid?!?! LOL

Ava and her baby looking at some animal.

Ava thought the cheetah was very cool. :)

She was really liked the camels too.

This picture makes me smile and laugh every time I see it because this is the display where the alligators are (see picture below of one) and there is a platform for kids to stand on and see what is in the exhibit. Well Ava spotted the Alligator right away, she said "oooh creepy" and then quickly walked off the platform to get away from the Alligator exhibit. It was just too funny...and the only exhibt she did that too. :)

Just one of the alligators Ava didn't care much for.

My absolute favorite animal exhibit at the zoo. I love the spider monkey. This one's name is Gonzo! He has been at the zoo here for about 13 do I know this you might ask? The summer after I graduated high school me and a couple friends worked at our local zoo for the summer. They used to have a female named Sandy but she passed away this past year. They are going to be getting 2 new spider monkey's very soon though. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flowers For Mommy...

Am I not the luckiest Mommy in the world! Ava was playing outside today and she decided to pick me some flowers! How lucky and blessed am I with such a loving and amazing little girl. Of course I am sure there are a lot of other Mom's who feel this way as well. The love of a child is truly such an amazing gift. Hold onto all these precious moments and cherish them always.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Some Of The Things I Love...

Everyday Ava does something I just love. In fact, there are several times a day she will do something and I think "I just love when she does that". So then last night while lying in bed I got the idea to start listing some of the things she does that I just love. This list would be an ever growing list and one where I know I am leaving out countless things that I love about her, but one day I will be able to look back and reminisce over these things that many would eventually be forgotten. So here is my incomplete list of just some of the things I love about Ava.

I love the dimple in her right cheek when she smiles.

I love when she smiles and scrunches up her nose.

I love when she says "guess what Mommy?" and I say "what?" and then she says "I love you".

I love her love of books and how she already gets so wrapped up in them.

I love her love of music and of all types of music.

I love how she already is in tune with music enough at such a young age to listen to how her body is telling her to move with it.

I love when I look in my rear view mirror and see her sleeping in her car seat.

I love when she counts for me to 10 in Spanish.

I love when she put on sunglasses the other day, and looked right at me and said, "I am soooo precious".

I love when she wakes up in the morning and says "Good Morning Mommy".

I love when she sees me after being gone for the day and her reaction is as if I've been gone for several days. I love the excitement she gets of seeing me again.

I love how she says teddy bear...she calls it a ted bear.

I love how gentle she is with her baby cousin Olivia.

I love watching her play with her baby dolls and how she acts just like a Mommy to them. She is so gentle with them.

I love that she calls my sister "Dude" instead of Aunt Lori.

I love listening to her sing to her songs and dance around the living room.

I love when she plays with her pretend kitchen and she "cooks" for me...and eagerly awaits my reaction to how her pretend food tastes.

I love when she colors or draws something and is so excited for me to see it and then of course when she gives it to me.

I love simply watching her play.

I love when she crawls in bed with me or curls up next to me on the couch, just to be close to me.

I love that she is not afraid or too shy to say hi to other kids. She always wants to be a part of things with kids.

I love that she has so little fear to try new things and to truly experience life.

I love when she tells me I am pretty or cute.

I love watching her take a bath and how she pretends like it is always such an adventure.

I love how she is already so excited to go to school...even if a part of me is sad that my baby is growing up so quickly.

I love how she has attached herself to a baby doll that my Grandma got her when she was a baby.

I love to hear her tell me that she loves me.

I love when she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me the most amazing hug imaginable.

I love her truly is contagious.

I love how she is able to express in words or actions just what it is she wants.

I love how she lines things up in an almost perfectly straight row.

I love how she is always curious and trying to figure things out.

I love watching her grow and being able to see just how much she truly is like me.

I love how she says some words (i.e. filthy is filfey, movies is moomies, ice cream is i cream, look is wook, belly is belwee, diamonds are digends, etc.)

I love when it is clean up time, she sings her own version of the clean up song and dances around while she is cleaning.

I love that she will almost always eat her vegetables on her plate before anything else.

I love when she wants a piece of cheese she always says "cheeeeeeese pleeeeease".

I love that she has manners and actually uses them without having to be reminded all that often.

I love when someone compliments her she will say "thank you very much".

I love how if she doesn't like something she will shake her head no, wave her hand as if dismissing something and say No....all at the same time.

I love that she loves to go shopping with me.

I love how she already has a mind of her own when it comes to what she likes to wear and what she doesn't like.

I love how she already has a sense of style.

I love how she even tries to accessorize already...even if someday it makes things more expensive for me. LOL

I love that she is not afraid of thunderstorms...not even the really bad ones.

I love how she doesn't need a night light to go to sleep.

I love how she thinks a Dora band-aid and a Mommy kiss fixes all owies.

I love when she stands looking out the front door and says hi to every person that walks by.

I love how she is able to forgive me so quickly after her getting in trouble.

I love how she is able to love so unconditionally.

I love how she has taught me so much already and how I look forward to most of what is to come.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ava's 1st Real Haircut

Yesterday my sister took Ava for her first "real" haircut. A couple months ago I trimmed her bangs for the first time, but this time we went for the real deal and cut off a lot of her hair. I had been tossing around the idea of getting her hair cut but just was not sure or maybe just not brave enough yet. Well my sister asked if she could get it cut and so I said yes. I was so nervous waiting for them to get back. I am sure if I had been there I would have been crying buckets of tears at her getting her hair cut. I did make my sister promise to take pictures of the whole event and she did get a few pictures. I of course would have been like the paparazzi capturing like the first snip and the first strand of hair to hit the groud. LOL I would have captured like 100 pictures from before the lady took the scissors to my baby's hair and after she was done cutting Ava's hair. My sister took like 4 pictures! But thankfully she did have them save some of the clippings of Ava's hair. So, I do have something to cherish right?!?! Anyway, my sister took Ava and they just kind of had a "girls day" together. After Ava got her hair cut they went shopping too. My sister wants so badly to get Ava's ears pierced, but that is where I actually draw the line. I am not opposed to people piercing their little girls ears, but for me I just want it to be like a right of passage so to speak for Ava. I want her to come to me one day (if she ever does) and want to have it done and then it be like a Mom and Daughter thing for her and I. Anyways when they got back I just could not believe how much older Ava looked with her hair cut. Where did my baby girl go?!?! I admit though I do love the hair cut and she is as cute as can be, not that she wasn't before, but just cute in a more grown up toddler way! :)