Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ava's 1st Real Haircut

Yesterday my sister took Ava for her first "real" haircut. A couple months ago I trimmed her bangs for the first time, but this time we went for the real deal and cut off a lot of her hair. I had been tossing around the idea of getting her hair cut but just was not sure or maybe just not brave enough yet. Well my sister asked if she could get it cut and so I said yes. I was so nervous waiting for them to get back. I am sure if I had been there I would have been crying buckets of tears at her getting her hair cut. I did make my sister promise to take pictures of the whole event and she did get a few pictures. I of course would have been like the paparazzi capturing like the first snip and the first strand of hair to hit the groud. LOL I would have captured like 100 pictures from before the lady took the scissors to my baby's hair and after she was done cutting Ava's hair. My sister took like 4 pictures! But thankfully she did have them save some of the clippings of Ava's hair. So, I do have something to cherish right?!?! Anyway, my sister took Ava and they just kind of had a "girls day" together. After Ava got her hair cut they went shopping too. My sister wants so badly to get Ava's ears pierced, but that is where I actually draw the line. I am not opposed to people piercing their little girls ears, but for me I just want it to be like a right of passage so to speak for Ava. I want her to come to me one day (if she ever does) and want to have it done and then it be like a Mom and Daughter thing for her and I. Anyways when they got back I just could not believe how much older Ava looked with her hair cut. Where did my baby girl go?!?! I admit though I do love the hair cut and she is as cute as can be, not that she wasn't before, but just cute in a more grown up toddler way! :)

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