Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Some Of The Things I Love...

Everyday Ava does something I just love. In fact, there are several times a day she will do something and I think "I just love when she does that". So then last night while lying in bed I got the idea to start listing some of the things she does that I just love. This list would be an ever growing list and one where I know I am leaving out countless things that I love about her, but one day I will be able to look back and reminisce over these things that many would eventually be forgotten. So here is my incomplete list of just some of the things I love about Ava.

I love the dimple in her right cheek when she smiles.

I love when she smiles and scrunches up her nose.

I love when she says "guess what Mommy?" and I say "what?" and then she says "I love you".

I love her love of books and how she already gets so wrapped up in them.

I love her love of music and of all types of music.

I love how she already is in tune with music enough at such a young age to listen to how her body is telling her to move with it.

I love when I look in my rear view mirror and see her sleeping in her car seat.

I love when she counts for me to 10 in Spanish.

I love when she put on sunglasses the other day, and looked right at me and said, "I am soooo precious".

I love when she wakes up in the morning and says "Good Morning Mommy".

I love when she sees me after being gone for the day and her reaction is as if I've been gone for several days. I love the excitement she gets of seeing me again.

I love how she says teddy bear...she calls it a ted bear.

I love how gentle she is with her baby cousin Olivia.

I love watching her play with her baby dolls and how she acts just like a Mommy to them. She is so gentle with them.

I love that she calls my sister "Dude" instead of Aunt Lori.

I love listening to her sing to her songs and dance around the living room.

I love when she plays with her pretend kitchen and she "cooks" for me...and eagerly awaits my reaction to how her pretend food tastes.

I love when she colors or draws something and is so excited for me to see it and then of course when she gives it to me.

I love simply watching her play.

I love when she crawls in bed with me or curls up next to me on the couch, just to be close to me.

I love that she is not afraid or too shy to say hi to other kids. She always wants to be a part of things with kids.

I love that she has so little fear to try new things and to truly experience life.

I love when she tells me I am pretty or cute.

I love watching her take a bath and how she pretends like it is always such an adventure.

I love how she is already so excited to go to school...even if a part of me is sad that my baby is growing up so quickly.

I love how she has attached herself to a baby doll that my Grandma got her when she was a baby.

I love to hear her tell me that she loves me.

I love when she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me the most amazing hug imaginable.

I love her truly is contagious.

I love how she is able to express in words or actions just what it is she wants.

I love how she lines things up in an almost perfectly straight row.

I love how she is always curious and trying to figure things out.

I love watching her grow and being able to see just how much she truly is like me.

I love how she says some words (i.e. filthy is filfey, movies is moomies, ice cream is i cream, look is wook, belly is belwee, diamonds are digends, etc.)

I love when it is clean up time, she sings her own version of the clean up song and dances around while she is cleaning.

I love that she will almost always eat her vegetables on her plate before anything else.

I love when she wants a piece of cheese she always says "cheeeeeeese pleeeeease".

I love that she has manners and actually uses them without having to be reminded all that often.

I love when someone compliments her she will say "thank you very much".

I love how if she doesn't like something she will shake her head no, wave her hand as if dismissing something and say No....all at the same time.

I love that she loves to go shopping with me.

I love how she already has a mind of her own when it comes to what she likes to wear and what she doesn't like.

I love how she already has a sense of style.

I love how she even tries to accessorize already...even if someday it makes things more expensive for me. LOL

I love that she is not afraid of thunderstorms...not even the really bad ones.

I love how she doesn't need a night light to go to sleep.

I love how she thinks a Dora band-aid and a Mommy kiss fixes all owies.

I love when she stands looking out the front door and says hi to every person that walks by.

I love how she is able to forgive me so quickly after her getting in trouble.

I love how she is able to love so unconditionally.

I love how she has taught me so much already and how I look forward to most of what is to come.

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