Thursday, May 22, 2008


Life has been crazy busy the last couple months. I've moved. I've been helping my sister with her kids since she went back to work in February. I've been spending a lot of time outside with Ava when the weather decides it wants to actually be spring and not cold and ugly out! I am even helping my sister get ready to move this month. Not to mention all the other everyday kinds of things or events that happen on the weekend. Ava and I have been spending some time at the zoo here as well. I got us the family pass membership, so we can visit the zoo whenever we want, and as often as we want for the next year. I am hoping to make a trip to Brookfield Zoo over the summer with Ava as well, because I think she will like that even more than the little zoo we have here. My sister is wanting to make the trip to St. Louis as well, for a day at the zoo there. Ava absolutely loves the zoo, and she is at the perfect age to enjoy it too. And I think she could ride the little train ride they offer at the zoo over and over again. The zoo even has a carousel and at first Ava wasn't too sure of that ride, but about 10 seconds into it, she had a huge smile on her face and just loved it.

In other news, my Mom is on a new Alzheimer's medicine and she just recently started it, but we are already starting to see some slight improvements with her memory. It is so amazing to see this. It is giving all of us a renewed hope. The last medicine she was on, she was not improving at all, in fact, she was actually getting worse. So, a couple weeks ago they started her on a new medicine, and we are already seeing improvement in her short term memory. It is truly a blessing. The things that she is improving with, may seem so little to so many, but they are huge gains in her memory when it comes to all she has lost and has been going through. My Mom even said she feels like she doesn't stop as often, and try and find her train of thought again. And what is so amazing, is that so many of my family members are seeing the progress she is making too. It is such a blessing from God. It is hard to put into words really what this even means to my family, to see the improvements that she is making so far. I can only continue to trust in God that she will hold out and see what the medical field can do for her with the new medicines that are supposed to come out in the next year or two. It definitely makes me feel more optimistic.

As for Ava, she is doing so well. She is obsessed with going to school. She talks about going to school every day and has been doing this for months now. She wears her backpack filled with stuffed animals and books all day long, and she even sleeps with her backpack. It is so funny. When we go anywhere, she has to take her backpack with her too. We are still working on the potty training thing. She is making huge progress with that here in the last week or so. She has been so stubborn with the potty training, but now she is actually telling me when she has to go...and most of the time, she will go when she tells me she wants to go potty. This has probably been the hardest phase of parenting so far, I think. Though of course lately, she is also putting up a good fight when it comes to eating dinner. Even when I make the things she likes, she picks and chooses if and when she wants to eat. There are some night she eats so well, but others when it is just frustrating because she isn't eating anything at all. I don't fight her on it though because I know she will eat when she is hungry. On another note, she is knows her shapes, many different fruits and vegetables, she can point out countless animals in books, she can count to 30 completely on her own and even higher than that if I help her here and there, she can count to 10 in spanish, she can say her abc's, and will sing and dance to anything. She has an amazing memory and can recite countless parts of her little movies or the theme songs to her favorite shows. Her latest thing is to flip over the laundry basket or climb up on an end table and pretend like she is singing and dancing for an audience. The audience is usually only me, but she loves to perform. She is excited for summer and to be able to go swimming. I just bought her 2 new swim suits and I cannot wait for her to be able to use them. So overall, Ava is doing really great. Life here is always busy it seems. Hopefully I will get the chance to update on here a bit more often with our adventures over the summer.

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