Friday, June 27, 2008

2 Girls & 1 Owie!

Tonight Ava is having her cousin Alyssa sleep over again this week. Alyssa stayed with us on Monday and Tuesday this week already. When my brother, sister-in-law, and Alyssa stopped by this evening, I felt bad that Alyssa's brothers were camping this weekend with my Dad and his wife, and Alyssa was left behind. So, I offered for Alyssa to stay all night again tonight, which she had already asked if she could the minute she walked in the door. It gives Ava someone to play with and the girls are almost always good for me. So tonight Alyssa had an owie on her finger from biting at some skin that had tore around her cuticle and it was bleeding. Nothing major that a Dora band aid and a kiss can't fix. So, of course Ava saw that Alyssa was getting one of her Dora band aids and even though Ava has no fresh "owies", we did find an old owie on her finger and put a Dora band aid and a kiss on that. So the girls were both happy and peace reigns in the house once again. :)

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