Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am a bit disappointed to say, that the effects of the medicine for my Mom's Alzheimer's has been short lived. She did really well for about a week, and then the medicine just seems to have stopped, and she has started to decline it seems even more rapidly while on this medicine. It felt like we had some hope, and to just kind of have it all fade away is sometimes more than I can take. I know there is no cure yet for Alzheimer's, but I was hoping with all I had, we would be able to slow this dreadful disease down and maybe, just maybe even see a bit of longer lasting improvement. Most days I have a lot of faith, but today my faith is being tested. Today, I am sad, angry, frustrated, and defeated. Tomorrow though, I will dust myself off, pick up my bruised and battered spirit and carry on, having hope and faith that a cure will be found one day soon for Alzheimer's.

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