Monday, July 28, 2008

A bit disappointed and discouraged...

Tonight I signed onto my computer and on the yahoo main page was an article about Alzheimer's research. So with my Mom having Alzheimer's, I of course was very curious as to what this article had to say. I am sure by now you, can guess from my subject line to this e-mail the news was not positive for Alzheimer's research. My Mom was put on Aricept to help slow down the progression of Alzheimer's, which at this point the medicine actually hasn't done. If anything it seems like my Mom is progressing even faster into the disease. Well, she was put on Aricept because her doctor mentioned at her appointment in December/January he was very hopefully of the new medicines they had coming out in the next year or two. Well ,yesterday the news was released that this medicine they were hoping to release within the next year failed to show any benefits for Alzheimer's patients in the late stage trial of its research. This was pretty disheartning to read because I was actually still staying pretty positive about the new medicines that were to come out. Hoping that my Mom might just hold out for these other medicines that were to be coming out. Now the next one that may be of any use is still undergoing testing and the results for those tests will not be available until at least 2010. Two years does not sound that far away and in many instances two years is not, however with how rapidly my Mom is progressing, my fear is that we just do not have two years to wait. I am trying to have some faith in all this, but some days it is just hard to be hopeful when Alzheimer's is still such a mystery.

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