Monday, April 21, 2008

Ava's 1st Trip To The Zoo...

A Trip To The Zoo....
And she had such a great time. She loved the whole experience. It was actually a very last minute decision on my part to go, but it was really nice out today and I had a little over an hour to just waste before having to go pick up my nephew and my cousins two kids from school. Of course, had I really known just how much Ava would love the zoo, we would have headed to the zoo much earlier and enjoyed it much longer. There were some parts we didn't even get to see because we just didn't have time. I am definitely going to invest in the family pass for us though, since it is good for an entire year and we can go as much as we want over the summer and early fall. :) Below are more pictures of Ava's adventure at the zoo. We didn't have time to ride the train this time, but we definitely will the next time we come! :)

Ava with her backpack full of stuffed animals...whatever would have made me doubt her liking the zoo! Do I even know my own kid?!?! LOL

Ava and her baby looking at some animal.

Ava thought the cheetah was very cool. :)

She was really liked the camels too.

This picture makes me smile and laugh every time I see it because this is the display where the alligators are (see picture below of one) and there is a platform for kids to stand on and see what is in the exhibit. Well Ava spotted the Alligator right away, she said "oooh creepy" and then quickly walked off the platform to get away from the Alligator exhibit. It was just too funny...and the only exhibt she did that too. :)

Just one of the alligators Ava didn't care much for.

My absolute favorite animal exhibit at the zoo. I love the spider monkey. This one's name is Gonzo! He has been at the zoo here for about 13 do I know this you might ask? The summer after I graduated high school me and a couple friends worked at our local zoo for the summer. They used to have a female named Sandy but she passed away this past year. They are going to be getting 2 new spider monkey's very soon though. :)

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