Thursday, September 11, 2008

What To Do On A Rainy Day...

How fun and exciting for a 3 year old to build a tent/fort in the middle of the living room with sheets, blankets, and dining room chairs. Though according to Ava she kept referring to this as a volcano. Not sure why or how she came up with that. The imagination of a 3 year old! :) We had a lot of fun spending the day indoors. Though I felt like crawling up in the tent with a good book and then eventually drifting off to sleep. That of course, was not the case. Ava had other plans for the "volcano". It wouldn't have been a complete adventure without flashlights, 27 stuffed animal and baby dolls, a couple pillows, a blanket, and some other miscellaneous things that fascinate a toddler. Once all of Ava's things were piled into the tent, that didn't leave much room for me to stretch out and read...much less to take a nap. ;) We left the tent up until bedtime at which point Ava was very sad to see her new hideout be folded up and put back in the closet, the dining room chairs returned back into their spots at the table, and all was left was her pile of goodies she moved into their new home. But alas another rainy day will come again and we shall reconstruct the tent/fort/volcano, where Ava can move back in her countless toys and spend the day in her hideout adventure.

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