Friday, October 10, 2008

A Day At The Park...

We know that this nice weather is not going to last much longer as the month is quickly passing by. So I decided to take Ava to McDonald's for lunch and then we took our lunch to the park to enjoy our lunch in the park. We invited my Mom to join us on this impromptu outing today as well. Ava had fun eating her cheeseburger and apple dippers. Though there was this annoying bee that kept flying around us and being quite the nuisance. I think Ava got an even bigger kick out of me trying to kill this stupid bee before it stung one of us. I of course, had my Mom telling me that I better watch out or it was going to sting me. Thankfully, though I won the battle and the bee did not live to sting any of us or anyone else for that matter.

I like this picture of my Mom and Ava together. I normally always look at my lens before taking pictures because Ava has been known to mess with my camera and it is inevitable for her to get fingerprints on the lens! As you can see, I failed to look at my lens before taking this picture. However, I did remember to check soon after and so at least the whole day of pictures do not have this smudge on them.

After eating lunch Ava was eager to run and play on the playground. The weather was beautiful today. A little windy from time to time, but still a very nice day overall. Ava enjoyed climbing this rock like structure to the top, but most of the time she would not go down the slide. She is funny like that. Someday she will go down the slide over and over again, and others she has no interest in the slide whatsoever. Today she went down a couple times, but overall she had little interest in the slides.

Though I did manage to get one picture of her going down the slide today. She was determined to not look at me though as I took the picture. She even squeezed her eyes closed to make the point she wasn't going to look at me. Ornery little girl! ;)

Though finally I was able to get her to sit still for a few seconds so I could snap a couple pictures of her. Though I am pretty sure she had more fun things to do, than to sit and let me get a picture of her. This is her "cheese...take the picture quick Mom" look!

And this is a picture of her I managed to get while she was climbing through those tubes/tunnel things that playgrounds often have nowdays! You just gotta take what you can get! She ended up playing on the playground for about an hour before we called it a day and so I could get her home for an afternoon nap. I enjoy these kind of days with her where we just break out of our routine and just do something random. She had fun, I had fun, and my Mom even had fun. :)

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