Thursday, October 9, 2008

Like A Good Neighbor...

I am not one that bakes desserts often, and very rarely do I have most ingredients on hand for things like making pies. However I did make so fudge this past year and I had an extra can of carnation condensed milk...I think that is what it was or evaporated milk. Whatever it is you need to make pumpkin pie anyway. See you can tell I am not a baker, since I can't even recall what kind of milk it was. I do have like a box of Betty Crocker Brownies and cake mixes on hand usually, but you can just add like eggs, oil and water to that kind of stuff. But when we are talking about baking from like scratch...yeah so not something I do on a regular basis. In the winter I sometimes get the urge to make chocolate chip cookies and things like that and have those kind of things on hand, but to make a pumpkin pie?!?! I've never baked a real pie from scratch in my life. Sara Lee all the way here! Or the pies you get from the bakery at the grocery store! Sad isn't it!?!? Anyway my neighbor came to the door asking if I had a can she could borrow. Which amazingly I did. She was making pumpkin pies with her granddaughters. She promised to return the milk, but I told her it definitely was not necessary. Well, this afternoon another knock on my door and it was my neighbor sharing her pumpkin pie with us. Very sweet of her. And Ava and I both enjoyed the pie. As delicious as the pie was, it still doesn't make me think, wow I should try making one of those myself from scratch. But I just might pick up a pumpkin pie from the bakery one of these days! ;)

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