Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photos of Kylar

My nephew Kylar is at that age where he is not a huge fan of having his picture taken. He will let me take some of him sometimes, and today he happened to just let me take a few. So of course, these are moments I have to capitalize on when I can.
I of course, love to shoot photos of him in black and white. His Mom and I both love the look of black and white photography. And a little tilt of the camera just gives it an added look that I sometimes like.

Opting for the black and white photo, but not tilting the camera for this picture. I like the really casual pose here. And the smile is actually relaxed and genuine and not a forced kind of smile.

And dabbling in a little photo shop with this next photo. I actually really like this picture. I love the black and white photo but then the really vibrant color of the red jersey. I also love the fact that in this photo he is not looking at the camera and smiling. He just has this really serious pose about him and I like that. When I photograph Kylar I like to get in a few shots of him that are "posed" and of him smiling, but overall when I photograph him, I want him to be who he wants to be. If he chooses not to smile, then that is what I want to capture for most of the photos.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Little Photo Shoot With Ava...

Ava is not always receptive to the idea of a photo shoot or of me just wanting a couple pictures of her to add to my ever growing collection of photos of her. In fact, when I decide to do an impromptu photo shoot with her, she has to warm up to the whole idea of it. She is not a "smile on cue" kind of girl. She has even told me countless times not to take her picture. Why didn't I get a child who will pose or smile anytime a camera is pulled out! Haha. Of course, I knew she would be this way from the very first ultrasound I had of her and she was swimming all over the place. And then at the second ultrasound when I dreamed of the perfect side-profile shot of my baby to one day scrapbook, and instead she refused to cooperate with the technician and I instead have ultrasound pictures of a leg, a foot, an arm, and the top of her head looking down, but never that ideal side profile shot I so wanted! But I digress.

So, on this particular day she looked so cute in her turquoise sweater and khaki pants, and sporting two pigtails, that the camera was just begging me take it out and photograph her. As you can she see needed to warm up to the whole idea. Thus the pouty picture! Oh believe me, I have more than one picture like this! What is one to do when presented with this type of situation? BRIBE them! That's right. I am not ashamed to admit it. I even told her she could make silly faces and I would take pictures of her doing that. I knew things would go well if she would just come to the decision that SHE wanted ME to take pictures of her! :)

So, here she is pondering the idea still and my bribe of making silly faces and I might have even thrown in a bribe of a lollipop or two at this point. But I am not admitting to that one! Unbeknownst to her this pose made a really cute picture for me! :)

Here again she is still thinking about the proposals I've presented to her. And yet again she is not aware that I still am thrilled with these poses and the, "I'm still not posing for you" attitude she is giving me. When life hands you lemons (or in this case a non-smiling child), you made lemonade (or still take amazing photos of them in all of their sulking glory). :)
Finally she is coming around to the idea of letting me take photos of her.

I said she could make a silly face....so here it is. And it turned out pretty cute even if she is sticking her tongue out and being silly.
A smile and a laugh! Wow she must really want that candy. :)

And the pose that I absolutely adore! Yet it is kind of bittersweet. For as much as I love this pose of Ava, it makes me sad at how grown up she is getting and so fast, yet I also see this amazingly beautiful little girl, that I love more than life itself. I have indeed been blessed!

And no toddler photo shoot would be complete without the "cheeeeeeeese" shot! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Madagascar 2.....

This was Ava's first time going to the movie theater and with Madagascar 2 hitting theaters last week, this was the perfect first movie for her to see in the theater.
I wasn't sure how well she would do, so we decided on a matinee movie. We actually happened to also be the only ones in the theater during this showing. Which I guess worked out kind of nice for the first time around. Though Ava did really well that I wouldn't mind taking her and having an actual audience in the theater! :)
Ava eagerly anticipating the movie. She had no idea just yet what was in store!

She was hooked from the first second the previews started. It was so cute too because after each movie preview was over she would look at me and say "well that looks like a great show". It was pretty funny.
And the movie we came to see! I enjoyed the movie I think just as much as Ava did. I know I would watch it again! Looking forward to it coming out on DVD!

Taken of Ava at the end of the movie while the credits were rolling. She wanted to watch it until the last word scrolled across the screen. I would say today was definitely a wonderful and memorable experience!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ava loves to brush her teeth. And she brushes them at least 3-4 times a day. She has the whole routine down pat too. She climbs up on the counter, turns on the cold water, gets out her toothbrush and her own toothpaste, puts the toothpaste on the toothbrush, brushes her teeth (front, top bottom, all the way in the back too), then rinses off her toothbrush, rinses her mouth out, turns off the water, then wipes her mouth off on her hand towel. Finally she climbs down off the counter. She is just getting more and more independent every day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ava's Real Life Baby Doll...

I think Ava truly thinks her cousin Olivia is her own real live baby doll. They are almost 2 1/2 years apart in age and Ava loves to pretend like she is taking care of her. She absolutely loves to play with Olivia. She is so kind and gentle with her. Sharing between the two isn't always a bright spot in their relationship, but neither really know how to share just yet. And Ava just sees Olivia as taking her stuff...and Olivia sees something she wants and just grabs it. And Ava doesn't understand fully that Olivia is just a baby, so she is going to take things even if it is not her turn or if it is not hers to take. But, overall they get along really well for being a baby and a toddler trying to play together! On this particular night, they were playing really well together in Ava's room, so of course my sister and I keep checking on them to make sure all is okay. Well when my sister went in to check on the girls, this is what she found!
I, of course, was actually told this time to bring my camera with me and see what the girls were doing. Not that I wouldn't have brought out the camera anyway. Since it sits right on my table at almost any given moment. Ava had put a bib on Olivia and was pretending to feed her. And Olivia sat there as patient as can be. It was so cute because they were both pretending. Ava even gave Olivia some pretend fruit to hold. I am pretty sure Ava was using that as a bribe to keep Olivia from crawling off. But hey as long as it is safe for both of them right?!? They played like this for a good 10 minutes and continued to play even as we sat there and I took pictures! :) I hope they get along this well for the rest of their lives! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History Has Been Made...

Wow where does one even begin to describe an event like tonight. When you are able to watch first hand history being made. I have voted since I was able to vote. I have voted for Republicans and Democrats in past elections. I do not identify with one particular party 100%. My vote has always been with who during an election I identify with the best and the one I feel is the best candidate for the task at hand. Be it a Republican or a Democrat. Even in this election, I did vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, however I did not vote strictly democrat in regards to other candidates running for various positions. When Barack Obama announced his intentions for running for President of the United States, I knew that is someone I could stand behind and someone I would support all the way to the White House. Never before has an election been so emotional for me, as this one ended up being. I have never shed a tear during any presidential election or any election for that matter. However, tonight I was moved to tears several times. Tears of joy, happiness, and a hope for this country like I have never felt before. I was so anxious in regards to this election. Hoping and praying for change, knowing our country needs to move along a different path. A path we have steered clear of for decades and even centuries. This election proved, that we as a country have progressed and are ready to set our feet on a new path, a new beginning. Tonight, I was overcome with emotion when it was announced on CNN that Barack Obama was to be the next President of The United States. I immediately called my sister and again I was moved to tears. My sister has two bi-racial children and this sends a very clear message to them that no matter their skin color, they can achieve great things in this country. When I look at my nephew and my niece I do not see that the color of their skin is different than mine. I see them for the amazing and intelligent individuals that they are and who they will one day become. Tonight though I fully believe a message was sent across this country that greatness and success is well within any ones reach if you work hard and do not allow anyone to tell you that you cannot be great or make a difference in this country and even in this world. Success and the ability to make a positive difference in this world is there for the taking. That is what rings true for every American in this country.

People came out in record numbers in this election to let their voice be heard and the voice of America has spoken loud and clear. We did not allow racist and ignorant remarks cloud our judgment or make us feel like our vote and our voice would not make a difference. We pounded the pavement, knocked on doors, made the phone calls, and supported Barack Obama and Joe Biden in this election 110%. We gave it all we had and then some, and at the end of the day it paid off in record numbers. This was not a neck and neck election like many thought it would be. Americans from across the United States declared that we are ready for a change and that change needs to happen now. There is a new face in America and I am not just talking about Barack Obama. The face of America has changed. We are no longer okay with how things are run in this country and we are not willing to just stand by without a voice. We no longer feel like our vote will not make a difference. Today proves that every vote matters and if you believe in something enough for this country change for the better can happen. Now that the next President and Vice President of the United States has been decided by the voters of the United States, it is time for this country as a whole to come together regardless of political affiliation and get to work on repairing this great country and setting our feet on the path of new beginnings. God Bless America.