Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ava's Real Life Baby Doll...

I think Ava truly thinks her cousin Olivia is her own real live baby doll. They are almost 2 1/2 years apart in age and Ava loves to pretend like she is taking care of her. She absolutely loves to play with Olivia. She is so kind and gentle with her. Sharing between the two isn't always a bright spot in their relationship, but neither really know how to share just yet. And Ava just sees Olivia as taking her stuff...and Olivia sees something she wants and just grabs it. And Ava doesn't understand fully that Olivia is just a baby, so she is going to take things even if it is not her turn or if it is not hers to take. But, overall they get along really well for being a baby and a toddler trying to play together! On this particular night, they were playing really well together in Ava's room, so of course my sister and I keep checking on them to make sure all is okay. Well when my sister went in to check on the girls, this is what she found!
I, of course, was actually told this time to bring my camera with me and see what the girls were doing. Not that I wouldn't have brought out the camera anyway. Since it sits right on my table at almost any given moment. Ava had put a bib on Olivia and was pretending to feed her. And Olivia sat there as patient as can be. It was so cute because they were both pretending. Ava even gave Olivia some pretend fruit to hold. I am pretty sure Ava was using that as a bribe to keep Olivia from crawling off. But hey as long as it is safe for both of them right?!? They played like this for a good 10 minutes and continued to play even as we sat there and I took pictures! :) I hope they get along this well for the rest of their lives! :)

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