Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History Has Been Made...

Wow where does one even begin to describe an event like tonight. When you are able to watch first hand history being made. I have voted since I was able to vote. I have voted for Republicans and Democrats in past elections. I do not identify with one particular party 100%. My vote has always been with who during an election I identify with the best and the one I feel is the best candidate for the task at hand. Be it a Republican or a Democrat. Even in this election, I did vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, however I did not vote strictly democrat in regards to other candidates running for various positions. When Barack Obama announced his intentions for running for President of the United States, I knew that is someone I could stand behind and someone I would support all the way to the White House. Never before has an election been so emotional for me, as this one ended up being. I have never shed a tear during any presidential election or any election for that matter. However, tonight I was moved to tears several times. Tears of joy, happiness, and a hope for this country like I have never felt before. I was so anxious in regards to this election. Hoping and praying for change, knowing our country needs to move along a different path. A path we have steered clear of for decades and even centuries. This election proved, that we as a country have progressed and are ready to set our feet on a new path, a new beginning. Tonight, I was overcome with emotion when it was announced on CNN that Barack Obama was to be the next President of The United States. I immediately called my sister and again I was moved to tears. My sister has two bi-racial children and this sends a very clear message to them that no matter their skin color, they can achieve great things in this country. When I look at my nephew and my niece I do not see that the color of their skin is different than mine. I see them for the amazing and intelligent individuals that they are and who they will one day become. Tonight though I fully believe a message was sent across this country that greatness and success is well within any ones reach if you work hard and do not allow anyone to tell you that you cannot be great or make a difference in this country and even in this world. Success and the ability to make a positive difference in this world is there for the taking. That is what rings true for every American in this country.

People came out in record numbers in this election to let their voice be heard and the voice of America has spoken loud and clear. We did not allow racist and ignorant remarks cloud our judgment or make us feel like our vote and our voice would not make a difference. We pounded the pavement, knocked on doors, made the phone calls, and supported Barack Obama and Joe Biden in this election 110%. We gave it all we had and then some, and at the end of the day it paid off in record numbers. This was not a neck and neck election like many thought it would be. Americans from across the United States declared that we are ready for a change and that change needs to happen now. There is a new face in America and I am not just talking about Barack Obama. The face of America has changed. We are no longer okay with how things are run in this country and we are not willing to just stand by without a voice. We no longer feel like our vote will not make a difference. Today proves that every vote matters and if you believe in something enough for this country change for the better can happen. Now that the next President and Vice President of the United States has been decided by the voters of the United States, it is time for this country as a whole to come together regardless of political affiliation and get to work on repairing this great country and setting our feet on the path of new beginnings. God Bless America.

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