Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Little Photo Shoot With Ava...

Ava is not always receptive to the idea of a photo shoot or of me just wanting a couple pictures of her to add to my ever growing collection of photos of her. In fact, when I decide to do an impromptu photo shoot with her, she has to warm up to the whole idea of it. She is not a "smile on cue" kind of girl. She has even told me countless times not to take her picture. Why didn't I get a child who will pose or smile anytime a camera is pulled out! Haha. Of course, I knew she would be this way from the very first ultrasound I had of her and she was swimming all over the place. And then at the second ultrasound when I dreamed of the perfect side-profile shot of my baby to one day scrapbook, and instead she refused to cooperate with the technician and I instead have ultrasound pictures of a leg, a foot, an arm, and the top of her head looking down, but never that ideal side profile shot I so wanted! But I digress.

So, on this particular day she looked so cute in her turquoise sweater and khaki pants, and sporting two pigtails, that the camera was just begging me take it out and photograph her. As you can she see needed to warm up to the whole idea. Thus the pouty picture! Oh believe me, I have more than one picture like this! What is one to do when presented with this type of situation? BRIBE them! That's right. I am not ashamed to admit it. I even told her she could make silly faces and I would take pictures of her doing that. I knew things would go well if she would just come to the decision that SHE wanted ME to take pictures of her! :)

So, here she is pondering the idea still and my bribe of making silly faces and I might have even thrown in a bribe of a lollipop or two at this point. But I am not admitting to that one! Unbeknownst to her this pose made a really cute picture for me! :)

Here again she is still thinking about the proposals I've presented to her. And yet again she is not aware that I still am thrilled with these poses and the, "I'm still not posing for you" attitude she is giving me. When life hands you lemons (or in this case a non-smiling child), you made lemonade (or still take amazing photos of them in all of their sulking glory). :)
Finally she is coming around to the idea of letting me take photos of her.

I said she could make a silly here it is. And it turned out pretty cute even if she is sticking her tongue out and being silly.
A smile and a laugh! Wow she must really want that candy. :)

And the pose that I absolutely adore! Yet it is kind of bittersweet. For as much as I love this pose of Ava, it makes me sad at how grown up she is getting and so fast, yet I also see this amazingly beautiful little girl, that I love more than life itself. I have indeed been blessed!

And no toddler photo shoot would be complete without the "cheeeeeeeese" shot! :)

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