Friday, November 14, 2008

Madagascar 2.....

This was Ava's first time going to the movie theater and with Madagascar 2 hitting theaters last week, this was the perfect first movie for her to see in the theater.
I wasn't sure how well she would do, so we decided on a matinee movie. We actually happened to also be the only ones in the theater during this showing. Which I guess worked out kind of nice for the first time around. Though Ava did really well that I wouldn't mind taking her and having an actual audience in the theater! :)
Ava eagerly anticipating the movie. She had no idea just yet what was in store!

She was hooked from the first second the previews started. It was so cute too because after each movie preview was over she would look at me and say "well that looks like a great show". It was pretty funny.
And the movie we came to see! I enjoyed the movie I think just as much as Ava did. I know I would watch it again! Looking forward to it coming out on DVD!

Taken of Ava at the end of the movie while the credits were rolling. She wanted to watch it until the last word scrolled across the screen. I would say today was definitely a wonderful and memorable experience!

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