Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photos of Kylar

My nephew Kylar is at that age where he is not a huge fan of having his picture taken. He will let me take some of him sometimes, and today he happened to just let me take a few. So of course, these are moments I have to capitalize on when I can.
I of course, love to shoot photos of him in black and white. His Mom and I both love the look of black and white photography. And a little tilt of the camera just gives it an added look that I sometimes like.

Opting for the black and white photo, but not tilting the camera for this picture. I like the really casual pose here. And the smile is actually relaxed and genuine and not a forced kind of smile.

And dabbling in a little photo shop with this next photo. I actually really like this picture. I love the black and white photo but then the really vibrant color of the red jersey. I also love the fact that in this photo he is not looking at the camera and smiling. He just has this really serious pose about him and I like that. When I photograph Kylar I like to get in a few shots of him that are "posed" and of him smiling, but overall when I photograph him, I want him to be who he wants to be. If he chooses not to smile, then that is what I want to capture for most of the photos.

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