Saturday, December 6, 2008

3-D Embellishment Bouquet...

I have an aunt who hosts an annual soup and sandwiches dinner which I will detail in another post here in the next day or so. She is one of the kindest people I know. So this year to show my appreciation I created a 3-D Embellishment Scrapbook Bouquet for her. She has just gotten into scrap booking in the last few years and is slowly expanding her horizons, and thanks to me she is actually probably moving deeper into the scrapbook world at a faster pace than she would have. I admit, I am an enabler when it comes to the amazing gadgets, gizmos, and thing-a-ma-bobs when it comes to scrap booking. A girl can never truly have too much can she?!?! Okay so some may argue this point, but a true scrapbooker knows the answer to that is a resounding NO WAY! Anyway onto what this post is all about. I just wanted to create something she could fully enjoy and a simple thank you was not enough. I hope she enjoys this even half as much as I enjoyed making it. Check out the pictures below for more details on this adorable creation.

As I mentioned above, this was a lot of fun to make. I was lying in bed the other night and this idea just kind of popped in my head. I had envisioned this and was just hoping it would turn out the way I saw it in my mind. I am glad to say it did. There have been many times, when I have wanted to create something, and it doesn't turn out quite the way I had envisioned, but then there are times when they do, and these are the times that make it worth the while. The base to this is how I store my 3-D embellishments. I use a photo storage box and it works perfectly as a way to store your 3-D embellishments in an organized way. Then, inside the box I used that floral desert foam stuff (I am sure regular floral Styrofoam blocks would work just as well), Popsicle sticks, and glue dots! I am sure you could use a hot glue gun if you wanted to glue the Popsicle sticks together, but I chose glue dots for putting this together.

When putting this together, I wanted to kind of subtly create a message of thanks and appreciation. So, the tallest embellishment in the back row simply states, "love is you" and my aunt does things out of the kindness of her heart and she is just so filled with an overflowing abundance of love. So, this was the perfect embellishment to sum up how I feel about her. In the middle, there is an embellishment that says, "Thankful" because we are all very thankful for her. And in the very front near the bottom is a 3-D embellishment that says "Let It Snow" and it has snow men on it, because she loves snowmen. Then, each embellishment I selected had actual meaning to things in her life. For example, she has a granddaughter who turned 16 last year and she is getting ready to start a scrapbook for her, plus this spring her granddaughter will be attending her first prom, so there is an embellishment for that. Then, she just recently went on a field trip with her 4 year old grandson. There are embellishments for road trips and the like, since her and her family like to go on vacation and travel. She loves fall and so, there are various fall and Halloween embellishments. And of course, Christmas embellishments and a few bottles of Stickles glitter glue in Christmas Red, Lime Green, and I think Crystal. I cannot remember which one I used for the white colored bottle in the picture. lol I personally, use most of my 3-D embellishments on cards and things like that, so I enclosed ivory and white colored note cards and envelopes, tied with a "Merry Christmas" ribbon.

Here is a closer view of the things inside. Now, I did consider filling the bottom with a confetti type filler, but honestly, that just makes a mess and it serves no useful purpose at all. But, I still needed to cover up the foam. It honestly didn't look bad, but I still couldn't stand not seeing it covered up. So, eyeing the yards and yards and yards (sad I know) of ribbon I have, I decided to cover the foam in ribbon to give it that perfect finishing touch. And, it actually serves a purpose when it comes to scrapbooking. So, I filled the bottom with an assortment of ribbon. All embellishment stickers are from either Jolee's or Soft Spoken, except for the "Thankful" one and I believe that one is from "Me & My Big Ideas". The ribbon is mostly from I believe, S.E.I. and the photo storage box is from Paper Studio. It truly makes the perfect Christmas gift or birthday, mother's day or whatever kind of gift. I know I would love getting something like this! :)

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  1. ANYONE would love to get such a present, You did great, and I love the shape. Louella