Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas....

Christmas Morning 2008

Ava's letter from Santa. And the remnants of the yummy Pop-Tart and mug of milk left for Santa. I was out of cookies...I know that probably makes me a bad Mom, but at least I had Pop-Tarts and milk in the that is what we left. Ava thought it was neat "Santa" left her a letter!

This year Ava had the opportunity to open gifts with her cousins Kylar and Olivia. Last year Olivia was only a week old and in the past few years Kylar has been with his Dad on Christmas morning. So this year it was really nice having Kylar home with us to open presents. Kylar and Ava helped with the opening of Olivia's presents. Next year though I am sure Olivia will not want their help.

Kylar opening one of his gifts.

Kylar searching under the tree for more gifts with his name on them. He did find quite a few more presents under the tree. Santa, was quite good to Kylar this year! :)

Ava carefully unwrapping one of her presents. She isn't at the age quite yet, where she just rips into gifts. I am savoring these moments, in watching her slowly unwrap her presents, and take in each gift, before wanting to rip into the next gift. Kylar, is at the age where he rips into the present, and then quickly moves onto the next gift. However, in our house (and my sister's) he has to wait his turn. After he opens a present then it is someone elses turn to open a gift. So, no matter how fast he opens his present, he still is going to have to wait to tear into another one. It actually works out well when you do it this way, because you see what others got, plus that gives you the opportunity to check out the gift you just opened for yourself. I hated waiting as a kid, but as an adult, I see why my parents made us do this at any gift giving holiday. Okay so that probably makes me officially "old", since I am now seeing the logic and reasoning behind some of the things my parents did when raising my brothers, sister, and me.

Olivia was by far way more impressed with the gifts Ava got, than she was with the ones she got. She wanted to tear into this kitchen set of Ava's so bad and she loved the Barbie car that Ava got too. I can so foresee future disagreements over these toys!

Kylar checking out his new cell phone. He has wanted a cell phone for the last couple of years and has been begging both his Mom and even me for one. So this year he finally got it. He just has a basic phone for now, but if he does well with this one, it may eventually be upgraded to an actual camera phone. My sister was smart enough to also invest in a pay as you go plan, just in case he would lose the phone or who knows what can happen in the hands of an almost 11 year old.

Kylar testing out his new tripod with my smaller point and shoot camera. He left his digital camera at home. He was so excited over this gift. I thought he would like it, but he actually loves it. And has been taking a ton of pictures and trying different settings and whatnot. So fun to watch him be as interested in photography as I am.

Ava and Alyssa playing with some of Ava's Christmas gifts after our Christmas dinner. Ava ended up getting 3 tea sets for Christmas. Can you tell everyone knows she loves having "tea parties". Overall it was a really nice Christmas. I had family over for dinner but decided to do the dinner at 5 p.m. instead of the usual 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I just hate feeling so rushed with getting everything ready between opening presents and getting cleaned up from that, it is just too much. I definitely prefer having a dinner at like 5 p.m. And there ended up being like 20 people here for dinner. It was a houseful, but it was nice to spend time with my family. Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a beautiful Christmas! How do you get the girls to just continue playing so you can get candid shots? My girls look at me and get super excited every time I open the camera!

    Ana got 2 tea sets for Christmas and a tea cart! I wish we were closer so the girls could have a tea party :)