Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Olivia Photos

Olivia turned one earlier this month and my sister asked me if I could take a few pictures of her for her 1 year pictures. I agreed, but Olivia wasn't particularly receptive on this day. I think it also might have helped if my sister was there to help me with her. But then again are one year olds really ever that easy to photograph! Especially ones that are up and walking like Olivia! :) I did get a few pictures I like, but none that I think are especially great, or have that WOW factor. I could just be way more critical than necessary, but hopefully we will try and do this again after the holidays are over.
The dress Olivia is wearing is actually the same dress that Ava wore in her pictures when she was one. So I was really glad my sister wanted Olivia to wear that same dress. Looks like this dress has one more reason to be kept. :)

I think she just looks like a little doll in this dress. And I love the barefoot pictures of her.

Opted for a somewhat "Christmas-y" theme since her birthday is the week before Christmas so she is kind of like a Christmas baby!

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