Monday, December 8, 2008

Seriously People?!?!

Is the "breaking news" of Barack Obama being a smoker worth creating National headlines? Is the state of our economy not more newsworthy than this? Or the Mumbai attacks? Or the many American workers who are losing their jobs because of the economic recession we are dealing with? Or the fact that the automotive industry wants billions of dollars to bail themselves out of their financial mess? And that if some kind of plan is not agreed upon, many more Americans will be out of work? Yet tonight, I log onto my yahoo main page and the main topic featured at that time was "Obama says he won't be smoking in the White House". Wow! Good for him! I don't know how much sleep I would continue to lose over the fact that the President-elect may or may not smoke in the White House. Oh wait, yes I do. I wouldn't have lost any sleep over that little tidbit of information. What might have me up at night and losing sleep is our economy or terrorist attacks or countless other topics, but I can assure you I will not be losing sleep over such an insignificant issue as what Tom Brokaw thought was an important issue to raise of Barack Obama's smoking habits. Even as a non-smoker I could care less about this issue. There are more important issues facing this country and more important questions I would think that Tom Brokaw could come up with! Shame on him and anyone else who thinks this is even front page "breaking news". Get a life and start asking real questions that really matter to Americans! Questions that will have an impact on the future of this country.

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