Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yee Haw....

For Christmas Ava got this stuffed pony toy. And this was such a huge hit with the kids on Christmas. Pictured above is my niece Alyssa. My nephew Jordan is on the stuffed Panda toy that was for my cousins little boy Emery. Who would have guessed these toys would have been such a huge hit.

This photo of Jordan just cracks me up because he is acting like he has a lasso and was saying "giddy up". He was having such a great time.

A more tame picture of Jordan on the horse! These cowboy hats were actually from Emery's first birthday party back in June. Who would have thought six months later they would come in quite useful. :)

Ava on the pony. She felt like the pony should be wearing the hat instead of her. :)

Emery on his Panda. He already has a wooden horse riding toy his Grandpa made for him, so I thought it would be pointless to give him a stuffed animal that was a horse too. So he ended up with the Panda. And since his Dad's nickname used to be Panda as a little kid we thought it was quite fitting. As for Emery in this picture, the poor little guy was just so worn out from a busy and exhausting day. Not long after this picture was taken was he out like a light in his Auntie Cera's arms.

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