Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do You Ever Just...

stop and watch children play. To watch their minds at work is truly an amazing experience to behold. It is a moment you will carry in your mind and in your heart for a long time to come. I could just sit for hours on end watching my daughter, and my nieces and nephews play. I could get lost so easily in their world of pretend play. Today was one of those days for me to get caught up in the life of my toddler and I brought out the SLR today to capture this moment. Since having my daughter I often find myself experiencing the forgotten wonders of being a child. The heart comes alive in a youthful kind of sense, when you step outside of the daily life stresses of an adult, and step into the world of a child. When you experience the life around you, through the eyes of a child, you see a world that is filled with unlimited possibilities and the courage to be who God made you to be.

I love this picture simply because she is so focused and I love her mouth in this picture. She was completely focused on coloring this picture. I love it. And of course, I love it even more (if that is even possible) when I turned it to black & white.

She looks so sweet and innocent is this photo. Still completely lost in her own little world too.

The above photo and then the next one I opted to leave in color and not go the whole black and white photo route. It kind of symbolizes how she "colors my world". She brings so much color and meaning to my life, that no words will every truly express just how special she is to me. My life is more blessed and more colorful because of sharing it with her.

Another favorite of mine from today. You do not really see a lot of her face in this photo, but I love how her chin is resting on the table as she is trying to decide just what to color next and how to go about doing it. I love how she has the colored pencil poised in the air as she determines her course of action.

I chose to end with a black and white photo. As soon as I took this picture, I knew it was going to end up here on my blog. I love her expression in this photo. It is just classically Ava!

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