Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Little Princess...

Ava can be such a girly girl at times and then other times she is a complete tomboy. That is just one of the many things that I love about her personality. And sometimes she can be wearing a dress and totally want to dig in the mud and play with rocks or climb a fence. She just wants to have fun and enjoy life no matter what she is wearing. Yesterday, I put on her Easter dress to get some photos of her. It was gorgeous outside and what a way to capitalize on this great weather we are having. I spent a lot of time in stores and even looking online for an Easter dress for her. I couldn't find one that I even wanted her to wear even looking online at many of the Children's stores. Then when I found this one, I just fell in love and I found it at TJ Maxx for like $25. What a bargain. I knew as soon as I saw this dress, this one was the one! :)

Ava was actually quite preoccupied here with playing in the rocks, but I was able to get her attention for just a split second and was fortunate enough to get this photo of her just as she turned towards me.

It seems like in order to get some cute photos of Ava, I have to bribe her and let her know if she will smile for me in some pictures, she can then make some funny faces and I will take pictures of her doing that too. So this is her making one of her funny faces.

I love her expression in this photo below. It is one of my new favorite "Ava" photos. And I even love it being in color more than I do in black & white. So odd since my favorite photos almost always tend to be black & white ones, but the colors in this photo add to the mood of this photo.

The wind picked up just a bit when I took this photo, but I love how the little wisps of her hair are blowing in this photo.

The next few photos are just detailed shots of her dress and shoes. Often times we forget the little details and I just want to have photos to remember those little details. I love the photo below of the bottom of her dress and her sandals.

Another favorite of the details of her dress, but Ava without her sandals. I love the barefoot shot I was able to get. And I like how you can see a bit of detail from the dress in her shadow.

And this just shows the back of her dress with the bow. I like how I was able to capture this image through the slats of the stairs. It just gives it a framed sort of look. :)

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