Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not A Care In The World...

Yesterday it was kind of a dreary day outside, so Ava spent some time totally engrossed in watching some of her Barbie movies! We actually do not watch a lot of TV around here overall but on days like today it was just one of those movie marathon kind of days. So while she totally ignored me, I decided to take the opportunity and snap some photos of her just off in her own little world.

I love this photo below of her just chilling on the arm of the sofa and then of course how she has her foot kicked up. She was laying like this for quite some time. :)

In this photo I love how she has her lips. She was so unaware of me taking any pictures of her.

There is just something about this photo that I love. She just looks so content. And like the title of this blog she doesn't have a care in the world right now.

She is holding one of her baby dolls she has had since she was a newborn. And again here she look very content as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Am I Ready For This?!?!

I went and registered Ava for Pre-School. She had the pre-screening for Pre-K in February and I got the call in mid/late March from her soon to be teacher, that she was accepted into the Pre-K program and that registration was on April 20th at 9 a.m. As much as I thought I was ready for Ava to go off to pre-school for a couple of hours a day, I know emotionally I am not ready to let go of her just yet. Just thinking of her growing up so quickly, makes me want to hold on just a little longer. Parts of me want to home school her just to keep her close. I know she is excited to go, and it is only for a few hours a day come this fall, but she still just seems so little to be taking on such a big responsibility in her life. I did go on Monday and register her for Pre-K, and though the very end of August seems quite a bit away, I know it will pass by more quickly than I want it too and the day she goes off to school will be here before I know it. I sit here and really wonder where all the time has gone and how is it possible that it passes by so quickly. If I am this sad to see her go off for just a few hours a day, I am going to be a wreck when she goes to Kindergarten all day next year!