Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fields of Grace

I love this time of year when the trees are regrowing their leaves and no matter where you go you are bound to find a field of flowers! Something magical happens every spring. And having a toddler taking it all in around her renews my spirit as well. Watching Ava pick a fistful of flowers to add to her growing collection, as she was quick to tell me this afternoon, makes spring even more amazing in my eyes. This afternoon was gorgeous and we spent it outside until it was just about dark. We ended up finding an amazing field of yellow flowers that was sheer delight for Ava. She got out and picked flowers until her little heart was content.

Her showing off the fruits (or should I say "flowers") of her labor. A fistful of yellow flowers. I have no idea what kind they are but I can assure you they will soon be adding more color to my kitchen.

After we left this field of flowers, we decided to continue our journey through the countryside and eventually made our way to Wolf Creek, where Ava picked even more flowers. This time adding some white and yellow flowers to her collection in the car from our first stop.

Before leaving Wolf Creek I was able to get Ava to let me take a few pictures of her. We were literally just steps away from the lake and this very weathered log was just begging to be my prop in taking some photos of her. Of course, here she is still hanging onto her flowers. She was not going to let these beauties out of her sight or out of her grip! Surprisingly she is very choosy about the flowers she decides to pick for her collection. :) Okay so this was a very unplanned photo op for Ava since when we left the house her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and by this point the ponytail was no longer! But I still like how some of the photos I took of her turned out.

I am actually very surprised she actually let me pose her in any of these photos. But she did. I love this one below of her. She just looks so innocent and peaceful.

This one is just simply a black and white version of the one above. I love it in black & white as well as in color.

This one is just slightly different than the one above. Her eyes are a little more open in this one and she is looking right at me. Again I love the peaceful expression on her face. The lake was right behind me, so maybe that helped in giving her such a calm expression.

After taking these photos we made our way over to Eagle Creek so she could play on the playground until it was time to head for home. She was definitely one worn out little girl when it was time for bed tonight!

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