Sunday, May 24, 2009

How strange it is....

I was doing my dishes from lunch just a little while ago and as "fun" as that may be for some, my mind tends to drift to a million other things while doing such a mundane task. Inevitably my thoughts settled on my Mom and her Alzheimer's. Now days thoughts of my Mom's battle with Alzheimer's is never far from my mind. And then I began thinking more and more about this disease and how strange it really is. Don't get me wrong I know everyone progresses differently with the disease but as ugly and heartbreaking as this disease may be it is also quite complex and even interesting in a strange sort of way. The way that it destroys so many of the memories a person has. Take my Mom for example, she can is not able to recall so much about her children and grandchildren and our history, but you can play a song from her past and she can recall it word for word. I find myself wondering why exactly that is. I can guarantee you she would much rather have the memories of her children and grandchildren, than to know so many songs of her past word for word. This disease would not be nearly as impossible to deal with if it was able to take away the memories that do not matter as much in life and instead it left all that was happy and wonderful. Just saying!

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