Thursday, June 18, 2009

County Fair...

We spent a little time at our annual county fair this summer. This was the first year my nephew entered some photos in his age group for the photography contest. He was so excited to enter and I have to say for being only 11 years old he already does quite well. This year I actually sat out on the competition for entering, but may just have to enter some of my photos next year. Maybe. :)

No visit to a fair is complete without the customary over-priced, high in fat, covered in powdered sugar funnel cake and Lemonade shakeup. Ava was in heaven.

Making sure she does not miss even a little sprinkle of the powdered sugar. Can we say some little girl is going to be on a "sugar high"?!?!

Look at the greasy napkin! lol Now that is one unhealthy food. ;)

And of course finishing it off with a drink of her lemonade shake-up that was mostly ice!

Kylar posing with one of the photos he took that won 2nd place in his age division for photography! We were so proud of him! :) The photo he titled it "A Soft Place To Land" because if you look closely there is a fly resting on the flower!

An unneeded blow up Dora doll that Ava just had to have. How long will this thing last? 24 hours? A week if we are lucky?

Ava on her very first fair ride ever. She was excited and a bit unsure. But as soon as the ride started she was all smiles!

Ava was too afraid to go down this slide, so Kylar went by himself. A little overpriced if you ask me for one trip down this slide, but what would a fair be, if not over-priced! :) The kids though had fun and at the end of the day that is all that really matters anyway!