Thursday, September 3, 2009

A late summertime photo session...

I love doing photo shoots with Ava. Seriously. Love. It. I've always enjoyed photos, but since having Ava I've tried to become a bit more "creative" with my hobby of photography. Today was a perfect day for photographing my little cutie and she was actually quite receptive to the idea. I opted to kind of go for a more classic/vintage feel for this session. I love her "I love the 80's" kind of outfit and big clunky mary janes she had on. So here goes...

The above photo is one of the poses she wanted me to take a picture of.

The above photos is one of my absolute favorites from this shoot. I love her legs propped up casually on the wall. She was initially looking up at the sky and then moved her arms to cover her eyes. So cute!

Her clunky Mary Janes. I heart these shoes...and so does she! :)

No photo shoot would be complete without the silly side of Ava emerging!

Ava and "Backpack" enjoying this beautiful summer afternoon.