Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crazy Hair Day...

Crazy hair day was the theme for today. Well that or a wig or a crazy hat. Since we own no wigs or silly hats it was time to be a bit creative and do some crazy hair day style. This is all Ava would let me do to her hair, and even then she was a bit hesitant.

The front of the crazy hair-do. She had multiple ponytails in her hair.

The back view of her crazy hair-do. I don't think she will let me do this to her again next year. May have to look into a silly wig or crazy hat. She is only 4 and already is worried about what others will think. Seriously? At 4 years old? When she got home from school though she was in a much better mood and wanted to leave her hair up in the silly little pony tails. So I guess it wasn't as horrible as she imagined it would be. :)

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