Friday, November 20, 2009

Grandparent's Day

Today was Grandparent's Day at Ava's school and she was so excited for her Nonny and her Aunt Sharon to come visit her in her class room.

Ava & Nonny singing and dancing.

Ava & Aunt Sharon. I have the world's best aunt really I do. I adore her and so does Ava. With my Mom having Alzheimer's my Aunt took my Mom to Ava's Grandparents Day. Ava enjoyed so much having both of them there. My Aunt even rearranged her entire schedule just so she could be there for my Mom and Ava. This truly means the world to me.

Ava and her teacher. Ava loves her teacher and I couldn't have imagined or asked for a more perfect pre-k teacher for Ava. :)

After the Grandparent's Day celebration, Ava was treated to lunch at McDonald's with her Nonny and Aunt Sharon. And to their surprise Ava's classmate A.J. was there as well with his Grandma's too. Grandma's sure know how to spoil their grandchildren. When Ava got home she was full of smiles and stories about Grandparent's Day. When putting Ava to bed I asked her what her favorite part of the day was for her, and thinking she would say going to McDonald's as most 4 year olds would say...she said her favorite part of the day was having her Nonny and Aunt Sharon at her school for Grandparent's Day. I don't think my heart could have smiled any bigger and been more proud of her for knowing that truly was the best part of her day. :)

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