Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Angel

We finally got some snow that amounts to just more than a few flakes dusting the ground. Not that this was knee deep unless you are like a toy poodle or something, but Ava was beyond pleased and filled with a sugar high anticipation with the falling snow we were getting. Amazing how even a hint of snow can euphorically fill our children with some kind of sugar filled high, but without pumping them full of candy and sugary drinks. So after adding several layers to Ava and her gaining about 10 pounds in mere minutes due to all the layers of clothing, we were ready to head outside.

She was all smiles...though I did have to snap this picture quite quickly since she was filled with snow angel making anticipation.

Before she started on her first snow angel though she had to take a minute and test the falling snow on her tongue! Yep it is snow angel perfect!

Sheer delight as she makes snow angel, after snow angel, after snow angel. I think God might be wondering where all his angels were disappearing too...he would have to look no further than our front yard too see them all lined up in a row!

Snow Angels can be made on the pavement too, right Mom! Sure why not!

Wandering out to find a new spot to make more snow angels or else make more tracks from her foot prints.

Well this looks like a good place to sit! So warm and I mean cold and not so comfy, but definitely lots of fun!

And time to taste some more falling snow! This must be way better than the bottled water she drinks all the time. ;)

Off to make more tracks in the snow! We hear there is supposed to be more snow in the forecast tomorrow! If that isn't a kids dream come true, I don't know what is! :)

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