Saturday, September 4, 2010

You Know You're A Mom When....

you buy a monkey mask like this and you let your kid wear it around Target and you think nothing about it. My lil' Monkey had a great week at school and was on "green" all week with no warnings so I thought it would be nice to give her a little reward. For anyone who shops at Target we all know those $ deal bins when you first walk in. Ava loves those bins. And of course every time she is with me we have to stop and look at what deals they currently have. Well Ava spotted this monkey mask right away. Lately she has an obsession with monkeys. I don't know why but she does. Anyway she quickly strapped this mask to her little head and she was thrilled beyond reason. So what Mom can say no to some $1.00 bargain bin toy that brings pure happiness to their child? Certainly not this Mom. All through Target she wore this mask and people would look at her and smile as she would pass them by.

After shopping at Target we ate at the Pizza Hut eatery inside Target for dinner and I tried to get her to take the mask off, but all she would do was raise it up so it sat perched on her forehead. It was quite funny actually. When we got home she played with her new Tinkerbell Jewelry box (yes I caved and bought something else as well for her) and while playing with her toys, she still wore this monkey mask. She even managed to pass out for the night on the sofa wearing her beloved monkey mask. I removed it after taking the above photo. Today she went to the zoo with her grandparents and what do you think went along with her? Yep you got it...the monkey mask. I wonder what the monkeys at the zoo thought when they saw her wearing it? Next time you are in Target and you pass those $ bins see if you can get your own Monkey mask...for your kids of course! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Peace Out...

It is a rare opportunity my nephew Kylar lets me take his photo anymore. Olivia on the other hand, is almost always full of smiles for me to photograph. I watched my sisters two kids last night and was able to get the above photo. I couldn't have been more pleased that Kylar was so willing to let me take this picture and he even smiled in it. Granted he always has to throw up a peace sign or something but I will take what I can get. Olivia wants to be like her brother so she was trying to figure out how to make the peace sign with her fingers. It was so funny watching her look at Kylar's fingers and then back at her fingers trying to make the peace sign. With a little help from her big brother she was able to "make" a peace sign too. She was so excited as you can tell from her smile in the photo. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open House

Ava had "Open House" at her school last night. I wasn't sure we were going to actually make it because she was in such a grouchy mood. Anything and everything made her cry. I was excited to go to her open house at school and then when she gets home from school she was just in the worst mood ever. Finally she pulled herself out of her funk and off to school we went.

Ava sitting at one of the tables in her class room. I was surprised she actually sat for me to get a picture of her. She loved showing off her class room to me though. I got to see where she puts her backpack. And the different crafts and activities she has done so far. I signed up for her classroom holiday parties and may be joining the PTO. The first meeting is in a few weeks so we will see how that goes.

Next up we went to the music room where I was able to meet Ava's music teacher. Ava had fun signing the big banner in the music room and drawing a picture of her as well. I also met the art teacher as well. Next we went to the cafeteria where some bank was trying to get sell me on their services, but I like where I bank and not looking to change banks any time soon. I did see the Girl Scouts of America and they were like bombarded with people so I will just look online to see what that is all about. I think that might be something Ava would like. They have different levels and I think there is one called like the Daisies or something like that. Our last stop was in the library where they were having a book fair. So Ava happily picked out two new books to add to her always expanding Library collection. Kylar even picked out a book...I think it is from the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Series. Kylar went to the same school as Ava from K-3 grade and he was able to see his Kindergarten teacher which he loved and she was happy to see him too. All in all our night ended quite well. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten...

I have to say I have no idea how it is time to already send my baby to Kindergarten. This day came much too fast. And much quicker than I am even ready for. She seems too little to be taking on such a huge responsibility. I barely slept at all last night and was so weepy over my little girl starting this chapter in her life. I know she went to Pre-K last year and that was difficult to adjust to, but this is more than difficult, it is heart breaking and yet I know I have to let go and give her room to grow and become the person she is meant to be. For the last 5 years I have devoted my entire life to this amazing little girl.

Off to catch the bus. She was so excited to walk down to the bus stop. She didn't have an ounce of fear in her about today. Is this really my kid?!?!?!

Waiting at the bus stop. She was excited to see several of her friends at the bus stop. She was all smiles this morning. My heart was breaking but I put on a happy face for her. And took several pictures too. Though I am sure this moment will be imprinted on my heart and in my mind forever.

Ava and her two best friends walking across the street to the bus. Ava never even looked back she was so excited to go. She has been waiting for this day for months now. This is the moment when my heart truly broke. She was so sure and confident walking to the bus and yet I wanted to grab her up and run home and say forget all this stuff about school. We can wait another year.

But I didn't do that. I let her get on the bus and stood on the sidewalk waiting for my baby to wave to me out her school bus window. Ava waved bye excitedly from her seat on the bus. She was able to sit next to her best friend so maybe that made today easier for her. I can't wait to hear how her first day of school went. I hope she has an incredible year of Kindergarten and it is all we both hope for it to be. I love you Ava Grace.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl...

Happy Birthday Ava Grace!

Yes these cupcakes were the cupcakes at Ava's birthday and they seriously are sinful little cupcakes of yumminess. I mean really it should be illegal to indulge is something so delicious. My sister has a friend who makes these cupcakes. Inside the cupcake are real strawberries. Holy Moley Batman they are amazing. And everyone at the party thought so as well. Granted the little boys at the party were not thrilled at the "pink princess-y-ness" of the cupcakes, but it didn't stop them from devouring them either. Anyone could get past the frilly girliness of these cupcakes after just one nibble. And that is all I am going to say about that! :) Oh and also how I wish Ava's birthday and my birthday were at least a month a part so I would have another reason to get some of these cupcakes!

Ava on her birthday morning. I couldn't bare the thought of making her wait all day until her party in the evening to open some presents. That is just cruel to hype them up for weeks about their birthday and then to be like oh you have to wait until your party. Nope that isn't how we do things in this house. She was able to open some of her presents from Mommy when she got up. :)

She wasn't overly thrilled with all the clothes but she did love the toys she got for her birthday.

The girls loved the princess-y strawberry cupcakes. I am pretty sure it was all that pink that drew them in. Ava has an obsession with pink. I have no idea where she gets it from really other than tv or something because I am not a huge fan of pink, and when Ava was little I tried to not dress her in pink all the time. Why couldn't she love red or green or yellow...but not PINK! But nope she loves pink. So she was in heaven with these cupcakes. Her eyes lit up when she saw them. All the little girls hovered around these cupcakes...the boys wouldn't even come close. lol I have more photos that I haven't edited from the party and I may put them up...but if I don't then at least you've seen the cupcakes! Happy Birthday to my Ava Grace!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back To School Time

So I have to say I think I've been violated, well more like my checkbook has been violated by the cost of elementary education. But more to the point the ever growing and demanding school supply list. I am OK with paying $60.00 for her use of books in the school. After all when I was in college I paid $200 for only one book for a 16 week class and when going back to sell it I am pretty sure they wanted to offer me like $3.84 for that very book. Which I kept and it is now stored away in some tote in some closet in my house. So to pay $60.00 for an entire school year for books I am 110% OK with. But let's get back to this school list thing.
As I started down the many aisles Wal-Mart has designated specifically for school supplies I noticed many parents staring at the sheer ridiculousness of these supply lists. Some look confused at what was being asked on their list. Some were shaking their heads over how long their lists were. I heard the mutter and grumbles from parents as they asked whatever happened to the good old days when we were kids and all we need was.... type comments. Surely any parent of school age kids can relate. Granted I do like school supply shopping. I do. But even though I love to buy these kinds of things, there are just some things on the list that are quite absurd and in my opinion pointless.

As I am looking at Ava's list I must say, it did contain the basics such as crayons, glue, folders, pencils, and scissors. The basic things that haven't changed since I went to kindergarten oh almost 30 years ago. Wow did I just type that! Now I definitely feel old. Moving on...those supplies I just listed above though were our entire school list back in the 80's. There that doesn't sound nearly as bad or make me feel as old if I say "in the 80's. The school lists we get today are very specific about what we must provide and it seriously grows longer every year. And I know this because I have been buying me nephews school supplies since he started school and he is now going into the 7th grade this year. One item on Ava's list they were very specific about is a school box, BUT only in plastic! I don't know where these people are shopping, but can you even find the cardboard pencil boxes from when we were kids? But whatever I would rather send plastic, since cardboard tears and I know my beloved cardboard cartoon school boxes never lasted the entire school year.

So after deciding on a pink pencil box (plastic of course) I move onto the next item down the list. Up next a plastic place mat for art projects? Are they doing their art projects on some carpeted surface? As a Mom I know that glue and crayon marks can be wiped off a table. And since Mr. Clean developed the Magic Eraser that sponge can clean up just about anything on any surface. But whatever! Next on the list gallon size Ziploc bags. By now it is clear that the school I have chosen for my daughter is not environmentally friendly and they have no qualms about filling our landfill with all these items. Perhaps they should focus a bit on the "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." Not trying to get all tree hugger on anyone but I am pretty sure we could forgo the Ziploc bags and the plastic place mat. Our environment and future generations will thank you! :)

Next up on the list glue sticks. OK! No big deal. I mean they only already requested an 8 oz. gigantic bottle of glue, but now they also want 8 glue sticks. Granted this is Kindergarten but let's say there are 20 kids in the class, what in the name of peter pan are they going to do with 160 glue sticks and 20 bottles of 8 oz. glue in an entire school year? Is it art class all day long for these kids? I am pretty sure all the cutting they are going to do to use up all this glue will dull their scissors so why don't I need to send along 4 pairs of scissors while we are at it? What I loved though was at the bottom of the list they noted "May need to send crayons and glue sticks as needed". Wow so 160 glue sticks won't cover it for an entire 9 month school session? Glad I picked up some extras just in case!

Up next on the list, a box of Clorox Bleach Free Wipes. Whatever happened to a little bit of warm soapy water and a paper towel? Or a bit of sanitized water in a spray bottle and some paper towel. It is amazing how any of us adults ever made it to adulthood without Clorox bleach free wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer. We felt all was right with the world with simply washing our hands with warm soapy water or just plain water at that. What were OUR parents thinking!

Last but certainly not least on the list of school supplies, was the request for 35mm film. Really? Do people still use this kind of camera? Thankfully I am a parent who was born in the 70's and up until 10 years ago had a 35 mm camera so I know what 35 mm film actually is. But come on, we live in the age of digital cameras. Maybe next year you should request all parents send in $5 so you can just go out and buy a digital camera since they are relatively cheap now days. Or should I just send in a couple bucks to have this roll of film developed later in the year. Though maybe seeing pictures of Sally with her finger in her nose and Tommy sticking out his tongue in 24 pictures might bring me some humor when those pictures would have easily been deleted from a digital camera.

After spending about $100 alone on just school supplies for my one and only child who is off to kindergarten this year, I have to say I am glad I am not the parent this year walking into the store with a TI-84 calculator on their list. It is quite humorous to me, as I see that parent muttering curse words under their breath and wondering why in the world their 14 year old needs a $100 calculator for math. Oh I know my time is coming one day, but at least I know that it is coming.
As for all images supplied in this blog post they came from the Internet. I don't own the rights to any of them, but am thankful to yahoo and google for providing such lovely images for use in my blog. And sorry I don't know who the hand belongs to in the spray bottle photo either. :) Enjoy what is left of your summer!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crack in a Cookie

Did I just say crack in a cookie?!?! Why yes! Yes I did! And it is perfectly legal. You can find my crack dealer at an local grocery store and he likes to hang out in the cookie aisle obviously. And he has pointy elfin shaped ears and goes by the name of Keebler! Keebler says these cookies are new, but I am certain they have just been keeping this cookie to themselves for years! They are Cheesecake Middles and they are heaven!

Those ever loving Keebler elves have created yet another crack induced product. I am quite certain if any one at Wal-Mart or any major grocery store chain took even one little nibble of this cookie they would create a separate aisle just for this little delicious nugget. The wouldn't even be able to keep them in stock because as soon as a truck would come in the stock clerks would be mauled as we cookie crackheads were trying to find our cartons of cookies. Yes these cookies are that damn good.
It is one of those cookies that you just can't stop at one and even though you try to hide them in the back of the cabinet or in the darkest corner of your attic or basement your mind can't help but drift to the next time you can eat one of these yummy cookies. It consumes your thoughts. And though I don't really have a crack addiction and never have, I do imagine this might be what it would be like. Though without the shakes and sweats. I don't recommend these cookies to any pot smokers though because you will eat the entire pack in one sitting and that wouldn't be good for your hips or your ass and the Obama administration is trying to get a handle on obesity...just saying. And The Biggest Loser is all about the Pound for Pound challenge so if you are taking part in that, well then you might just want to forget you ever saw this post!
Though I do think when I take Ava to visit Santa this year I am going to slip some of these yummies to the big guy so he brings me and Ava the biggest most bad ass presents ever. And I will be sure to leave him out a plate of them so he knows he has stopped at the right house. And I am pretty sure that will guarantee our names to also be right at the top of the nice list for the rest of our ever loving lives, even though these cookies have to be quite sinful and the work of those evil little elves. I am pretty sure though Rudolph will hate me next year since he is going to have a lot more weight to pull and it won't be from all the extra presents Santa is bringing Ava and me...might have to add another reindeer or two to haul the extra weight of Santa which will be christened with the names Ava and Mandi or maybe Crack and Cookie!
Well I'm off to write a new Christmas song about Santa and his new reindeer posse...but first I think I need to enjoy some cheesecake middles to get me in the writing mood!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Status Shuffle Updates...

Oh yeah if you are a facebook user and you have more than 2 friends you probably know exactly what I am talking about. Those often times annoying status shuffle updates. Now don't get me wrong some of them are quite humorous and can even be laugh out loud funny, but then there are the annoyingly pathetic lost loved, he doesn't deserve me, why do I date total losers, but still wish he loved me status shuffle updates. One of the annoying, if not THE most annoying one in the entire universe is, "if he doesn't love you at your worst, he doesn't deserve you at your best"! Wow Status Shuffle you know how to speak the words of a woman's thoughts and heart! And women really post this! That is what really gets me more than anything! Then in the facebook world countless friends and acquaintances "like" the post, which in the real world is equivalent to a hi-five! And 99.999999% of the likers of said update are female! Though I am that .000000000001 percent of the female population that is sitting at her laptop and thinking wtf and rolling my eyes at yet again this update.

Getting back to the most annoying status shuffle comment above let's just say ladies, ladies, ladies...Get Over It! Who cares really? I mean OK so he's a loser and he doesn't want you, why oh why must we air to the world of facebook how pathetic we are feeling. When you hit send to post that comment do you feel like you are accomplishing some great feat in this world? Do you feel vindicated. Is that like equivalent to flipping him off the facebook way??? Do you think that by posting that he is going to be sitting at home secretly hoping you post about how he screwed up and he should love you at your best and your worst? Will his friends give him hell because he doesn't want you anymore? No! He won't be! He is out looking for someone else. He has moved on! As should you! And if by some chance his friends to see this, they are probably laughing at how pathetic it is. He isn't thinking wow she must really be hurt since she posted that I am such an ass! I should text or call her or whatever other means of communication is available. I am pretty sure pathetic doesn't top the list of desirable character traits/qualities that he is looking for. And if it is...well then that might be a good indicator for you to start running in the opposite direction!
The Status Shuffle on facebook should be used for funny...not pathetic and whiney! Your sarcastic a-hole friends like me will love you for it! And for any friends of mine who have ever used this update I still love you and I will be more than happy to talk crap about your loser of an ex any day! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Life of a Rockstar....

is a heavy burden to carry...
or maybe it has something to do with the 25 lb. backpack on her back! Anyway being a rock star is all about Fashion first! And I believe I have a future Lady Gaga on my hands...heaven help me.
One would never guess this little girl is actually quite shy, but in truth she can be quite shy and at other times she is quite a star...must be the rock star clothes or maybe she relates too closely to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus character on Disney!
Regardless this little girl definitely has the best of both worlds and I hope she is growing into a very well rounded little girl. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Day of Pre-K

So exciting, yet so sad as well. At least for me it is bittersweet! Ava loved her teacher and as a parent I could not have asked for a more incredible teacher for my daughter. Her first experience with school was absolutely amazing! And the kids in Ava's pre-k class were some of the best kids ever. For a group of 20 little kids they were truly a delight to be around. I loved volunteering and being a part of such a wonderful experience. Thank you will never express the true gratitude I have for the pre-k program Ava was in. I cannot believe my little girl is starting Kindergarten here in just a few short months. Thank you Mrs. K, Mrs. A and all the kids for a memorable year!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Silly Simon

My little Silly Simon Rock Star! But then again she kind of reminds me of the old guy who dances around in those Six Flags commercials too. lol

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Like The Partridge Family...

or maybe even The Brady Bunch! Actually, more like the Monkees. But that just has more to do with their acting than anything.

Kylar helping Ava out with the guitar. I think she really preferred just acting like she was playing it and playing the role of a rock star! Lately she has this obsession with "rock star" type clothing and acting like a rock star. It is pretty funny.

Alyssa the next American Idol hopeful? What would Simon have to say about her performance? I think she ended up with like 27%...but hey she is only 5 and she can't read the words on the screen yet!

Ava on the drums, Alyssa on the bass (I think that is what you call it), and Kylar on the Mic! Okay so maybe they could put their act on the road! lol Just kidding...though Kylar did manage to get like 63% accuracy on singing American Pie...the longest song on the whole band hero game! I didn't think it was ever going to end! But they kept going through the entire song!

Regardless of their experience and maybe not American Idol bound, they did keep us quite entertained for a couple hours! I have a video of my brother singing the YMCA, but I think my life might be in danger if I ever posted that! But holy batman I was laughing my butt off when he was singing and my youngest brother was rockin' out on the drums!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk & Flowers...

It's what bonds little girls to one another!

Ava and I spent a few hours this afternoon over at my cousins house with two of her little girls. It was a nice afternoon for drawing body outlines with sidewalk chalk and of course drawing rainbows and flowers.

And not to mentino picking tons and tons of dandelions. Then girls were all smiles and giggles. Then storm clouds started to roll in and after a very tearful good-bye on my 4 year olds part we headed for home. Not even half way home and the clouds opened up and it poured. Glad we got in the car and headed for home when we did! Mother Nature wasn't playing around with this storm. We even had some hail too. Crazy Illinois weather! Gotta love it!