Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Like The Partridge Family...

or maybe even The Brady Bunch! Actually, more like the Monkees. But that just has more to do with their acting than anything.

Kylar helping Ava out with the guitar. I think she really preferred just acting like she was playing it and playing the role of a rock star! Lately she has this obsession with "rock star" type clothing and acting like a rock star. It is pretty funny.

Alyssa the next American Idol hopeful? What would Simon have to say about her performance? I think she ended up with like 27%...but hey she is only 5 and she can't read the words on the screen yet!

Ava on the drums, Alyssa on the bass (I think that is what you call it), and Kylar on the Mic! Okay so maybe they could put their act on the road! lol Just kidding...though Kylar did manage to get like 63% accuracy on singing American Pie...the longest song on the whole band hero game! I didn't think it was ever going to end! But they kept going through the entire song!

Regardless of their experience and maybe not American Idol bound, they did keep us quite entertained for a couple hours! I have a video of my brother singing the YMCA, but I think my life might be in danger if I ever posted that! But holy batman I was laughing my butt off when he was singing and my youngest brother was rockin' out on the drums!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk & Flowers...

It's what bonds little girls to one another!

Ava and I spent a few hours this afternoon over at my cousins house with two of her little girls. It was a nice afternoon for drawing body outlines with sidewalk chalk and of course drawing rainbows and flowers.

And not to mentino picking tons and tons of dandelions. Then girls were all smiles and giggles. Then storm clouds started to roll in and after a very tearful good-bye on my 4 year olds part we headed for home. Not even half way home and the clouds opened up and it poured. Glad we got in the car and headed for home when we did! Mother Nature wasn't playing around with this storm. We even had some hail too. Crazy Illinois weather! Gotta love it!