Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl...

Happy Birthday Ava Grace!

Yes these cupcakes were the cupcakes at Ava's birthday and they seriously are sinful little cupcakes of yumminess. I mean really it should be illegal to indulge is something so delicious. My sister has a friend who makes these cupcakes. Inside the cupcake are real strawberries. Holy Moley Batman they are amazing. And everyone at the party thought so as well. Granted the little boys at the party were not thrilled at the "pink princess-y-ness" of the cupcakes, but it didn't stop them from devouring them either. Anyone could get past the frilly girliness of these cupcakes after just one nibble. And that is all I am going to say about that! :) Oh and also how I wish Ava's birthday and my birthday were at least a month a part so I would have another reason to get some of these cupcakes!

Ava on her birthday morning. I couldn't bare the thought of making her wait all day until her party in the evening to open some presents. That is just cruel to hype them up for weeks about their birthday and then to be like oh you have to wait until your party. Nope that isn't how we do things in this house. She was able to open some of her presents from Mommy when she got up. :)

She wasn't overly thrilled with all the clothes but she did love the toys she got for her birthday.

The girls loved the princess-y strawberry cupcakes. I am pretty sure it was all that pink that drew them in. Ava has an obsession with pink. I have no idea where she gets it from really other than tv or something because I am not a huge fan of pink, and when Ava was little I tried to not dress her in pink all the time. Why couldn't she love red or green or yellow...but not PINK! But nope she loves pink. So she was in heaven with these cupcakes. Her eyes lit up when she saw them. All the little girls hovered around these cupcakes...the boys wouldn't even come close. lol I have more photos that I haven't edited from the party and I may put them up...but if I don't then at least you've seen the cupcakes! Happy Birthday to my Ava Grace!

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