Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open House

Ava had "Open House" at her school last night. I wasn't sure we were going to actually make it because she was in such a grouchy mood. Anything and everything made her cry. I was excited to go to her open house at school and then when she gets home from school she was just in the worst mood ever. Finally she pulled herself out of her funk and off to school we went.

Ava sitting at one of the tables in her class room. I was surprised she actually sat for me to get a picture of her. She loved showing off her class room to me though. I got to see where she puts her backpack. And the different crafts and activities she has done so far. I signed up for her classroom holiday parties and may be joining the PTO. The first meeting is in a few weeks so we will see how that goes.

Next up we went to the music room where I was able to meet Ava's music teacher. Ava had fun signing the big banner in the music room and drawing a picture of her as well. I also met the art teacher as well. Next we went to the cafeteria where some bank was trying to get sell me on their services, but I like where I bank and not looking to change banks any time soon. I did see the Girl Scouts of America and they were like bombarded with people so I will just look online to see what that is all about. I think that might be something Ava would like. They have different levels and I think there is one called like the Daisies or something like that. Our last stop was in the library where they were having a book fair. So Ava happily picked out two new books to add to her always expanding Library collection. Kylar even picked out a book...I think it is from the Diary of A Wimpy Kid Series. Kylar went to the same school as Ava from K-3 grade and he was able to see his Kindergarten teacher which he loved and she was happy to see him too. All in all our night ended quite well. :)

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