Saturday, September 4, 2010

You Know You're A Mom When....

you buy a monkey mask like this and you let your kid wear it around Target and you think nothing about it. My lil' Monkey had a great week at school and was on "green" all week with no warnings so I thought it would be nice to give her a little reward. For anyone who shops at Target we all know those $ deal bins when you first walk in. Ava loves those bins. And of course every time she is with me we have to stop and look at what deals they currently have. Well Ava spotted this monkey mask right away. Lately she has an obsession with monkeys. I don't know why but she does. Anyway she quickly strapped this mask to her little head and she was thrilled beyond reason. So what Mom can say no to some $1.00 bargain bin toy that brings pure happiness to their child? Certainly not this Mom. All through Target she wore this mask and people would look at her and smile as she would pass them by.

After shopping at Target we ate at the Pizza Hut eatery inside Target for dinner and I tried to get her to take the mask off, but all she would do was raise it up so it sat perched on her forehead. It was quite funny actually. When we got home she played with her new Tinkerbell Jewelry box (yes I caved and bought something else as well for her) and while playing with her toys, she still wore this monkey mask. She even managed to pass out for the night on the sofa wearing her beloved monkey mask. I removed it after taking the above photo. Today she went to the zoo with her grandparents and what do you think went along with her? Yep you got it...the monkey mask. I wonder what the monkeys at the zoo thought when they saw her wearing it? Next time you are in Target and you pass those $ bins see if you can get your own Monkey mask...for your kids of course! :)