Saturday, January 29, 2011

100 Days of School

100 days of school.
100 days of school.
Hi Ho the dairy-o.
100 days of school.

Ava's school celebrated 100 days of school this week. In Ava's class the kids had to bring in something that represented the 100 days of school. So Ava and her Dad put together this Lego house. I am not creative enough to have built something like this. She would have been greatly disappointed in my Lego house if I would have had helped her with this! The backside of the lego house is pretty awesome too. I did take a picture of it, but have yet to edit and upload it to my blog. Maybe by her 200th day of school I will get to that! ;) Happy 100 Day of School Gracie!

I hope you don't have the Farmer in the Dell stuck in your head now! If you do, my sincerest apologies!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monkey Hat

This is quite the snow hat! Every time Ava puts it on it makes me smile.

Ava has an obsession with monkeys. Not a freakish obsession, but this girl loves her some monkeys. My sister bought Ava this hat at Kroger and Ava loves it. The hat is massive really. When she bends her head down a bit the monkey stares right at you. It would be insanely creepy if it wasn't smiling. So thank goodness the monkey is smiling, but not overly smiling in a freaky I am watching you while you sleep kind of way! This hat also reminds me of the buffalo hat that Fred Flintstone would wear in the Flintstones cartoons when he went to those Buffalo/Elk Lodge meetings with Barney. Maybe it was a water buffalo. Clearly I do not know my buffalo. lol Anyway, I don't know why it reminds me of that exactly, but it does. Perhaps it is the massive size of the hat as it stands tall on her little head! Clearly I have issues. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Message From Mother Nature...

Spring is on the way! Or at least I like to think so with the snowflake I was able to capture today with my camera.

I think the snowflake above looks like a little flower. Perhaps a subtle sign from Mother Nature herself that Spring isn't all that far off. I most certainly hope so. Though I live in the midwest and have lived here my entire life, I am not a big fan of the cold, the snow, or the ice. Give me sunshine and 70+ degree weather every day in the winter and I would be perfectly happy with that. However, I also must admit that snowflakes are pretty awesome to photograph! And this is one of the coolest snowflakes EVER!

I like this snowflake because it looks like it lost a "limb" before it found a nice place to land. Can we call snowflake points limbs? lol Anyway, I cannot imagine a snowflake lands hard on anything. So where did it lose it's limb? Or did it only have 5 to begin with? They say a no two snowflakes are a like and I think these two snowflakes prove just that. I am not sure who "they" is, but anyway that is the word on the street! :)