Friday, January 21, 2011

A Message From Mother Nature...

Spring is on the way! Or at least I like to think so with the snowflake I was able to capture today with my camera.

I think the snowflake above looks like a little flower. Perhaps a subtle sign from Mother Nature herself that Spring isn't all that far off. I most certainly hope so. Though I live in the midwest and have lived here my entire life, I am not a big fan of the cold, the snow, or the ice. Give me sunshine and 70+ degree weather every day in the winter and I would be perfectly happy with that. However, I also must admit that snowflakes are pretty awesome to photograph! And this is one of the coolest snowflakes EVER!

I like this snowflake because it looks like it lost a "limb" before it found a nice place to land. Can we call snowflake points limbs? lol Anyway, I cannot imagine a snowflake lands hard on anything. So where did it lose it's limb? Or did it only have 5 to begin with? They say a no two snowflakes are a like and I think these two snowflakes prove just that. I am not sure who "they" is, but anyway that is the word on the street! :)

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